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An Ultimate Guide to Electrical Short Circuit

Do you know how a short circuit happens? When two conductors that supply electrical power to a circuit have low resistance between them, the voltage and current flow become high. As a result, the electricity takes the shortest route and causes short-circuiting. A short circuit can lead to small-scale explosions, damage and, in certain situations, a big fire. Always reach out to experienced electricians in Chennai to safeguard you and your home from short circuit.

Types of Short Circuits Which Professional Electricians in Chennai Can Easily Resolve

When you familiarise yourself with the different types of short circuits, you will know how to handle the situation better with skilled electricians in Chennai. Let us see the various types of short circuits in detail below.

Normal Short Circuit

A normal short circuit happens when the neutral wire comes in contact with the live wire. An instant drop in the value of resistance takes place on contact, and the current takes a different path, thus creating the short circuit. Reach out to experienced electricians in Chennai to sort out issues with normal short-circuiting.

Arc Short Circuit

When the electricity jumps from wire to wire, it is called an arc short circuit. It happens when the overheated cable melts, blows and breaks apart. Thus, if there is an arc short circuit, connect with professional electricians in Chennai to resolve the issue immediately.

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Ground Fault Short Circuit

A ground fault short circuit occurs when an electrically charged wire unintentionally touches an equipment’s grounded section. The most common items that live cables contact are circuit boxes, outlets and other electrical household appliances. Feel free to call the top electricians in Chennai when such mishaps occur.

Short Circuits Causes Commonly Handled by Electricians in Chennai

Various electrical issues will cause your wires to get a short circuit. A few of the common causes are:

Wiring Faults

Electrical home appliances are highly prone to creating short circuits. When plugged into a socket, a device’s cable becomes an extension of a circuit. In case of any fault in the appliance, there arises an issue with the circuit. The best way to prevent this is to install short circuit protection with the help of qualified electricians in Chennai for all home appliances.

Insulation Faults

Faults in insulation or cabling in an electrical system are very common, and such faults have to be addressed with the help of top electricians in Chennai. External damages to insulations and wires increase the risk of short circuits. You should understand that electrical systems also age, and thus their components will deteriorate with time. Eventually, this deterioration also leads to electrical shorts.

Loose Wire Connections

Loose cables in an electrical circuit increase the possibility of connecting neutral and live wires. When they contact each other, it leads to a short circuit. In order to prevent such accidents, get in touch with good electricians in Chennai to perform routine maintenance for electrical installations in your place.

Poor Installations

Poor installations happen with every electrical installation or renovation when the screws or nails of the walls get in contact with live wires. This is the primary reason for electrical short-circuiting through poor installations. Thus, hiring skilled electricians in Chennai is always recommended for every electrical installation procedure.

Careless Attitude

Carelessness with electricity mainly occurs when the current comes in contact with water or fluids. Therefore, keeping the electrical circuits and appliances away from fluids is essential to prevent short-circuiting or fatal accidents. Well experienced electricians in Chennai educate people and help them become aware of the risks of carelessness. When wirings are exposed to rodents and pests, it causes electrical short circuits. In such cases, shorts occur when neutral and live wires contact each other due to critter bites as the wire gets damaged.

Common Signs & Dangers of Short Circuits Recognised by Electricians in Chennai

Signs of Short Circuits

In order to look out for short circuit signs, watch out for the ones mentioned below.

  1. Exposed circuitry in home appliances
  2. A burning smell or burnt marks in the outlet box
  3. Sparks emanating from plugged-in home appliances or outlets
  4. A popping or buzzing sound from the outlet

If you are still unsure whether there is any risk of a short circuit, seek help from renowned electricians in Chennai.

Dangers of Short Circuits

Electrical short circuits happen when an increased electric current flows without any impedance. Humans get an electric shock when they come in contact with a faulty circuit, and the electric current passes through the body, thinking it to be an alternative path. An electric shock may be dangerous and can cause death or severe injuries. The other dangers associated with short circuits are melting plastic wires, fires and electric arcs. In order to prevent the danger of short circuits, licensed electricians in Chennai will help install protective devices at your residence.

There are a few ways to fix short circuits and repair them effectively. Professional electricians in Chennai will be the best choice to ensure that the job is done correctly. Some of the effective measures to take when working with electricity are switching off the corresponding breaker and isolating the electric circuit. Another way to prevent short-circuiting will be to break out the flashlight and turn off all the breakers. The other methods are by:

  1. Reducing the usage of electricity during bad weather
  2. Installing interrupters or circuit breakers
  3. Monitoring outlets and home appliances regularly
  4. Using high quality and authentic electrical products

The Bottom-line
Thus, the low resistance between two electrical conductors causes an overflow of current, leading to an electrical short circuit. As short circuits are dangerous and threaten human life, our responsibility is to take the necessary steps to repair circuits and prevent mishaps. FastHelp is the most successful company in Chennai, offering all home services and a quick short circuit fix with highly qualified and skilled electricians.

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