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Difference Between Interior & Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Are you thinking of making the right choice to protect your home from natural calamities like floor or water leaks? Waterproofing will be the ideal option with the help of licensed experts who will visit your home, assess the place and offer the best solution. Waterproofing in Chennai is becoming mandatory after its experience in the past few years with heavy rains. Being a responsible homeowner, you have to consider the following information in the article below and hire the right professional. Are you wondering if waterproofing the interior and exterior is different? Let's see.

All You Need to Know About Exterior Waterproofing in Chennai

Waterproofing the exterior is an important protection against water. It contains down spouts and gutters to collect the water and transfer it to places away from the house. It also consists of a membrane that is waterproof installed on all sides of the house's foundation. The waterproof membranes seal out the moisture in a manner such that the cement surface does not absorb the water. By doing so, exterior waterproofing prevents the surfaces from cracking or leaking. Another important aspect of exterior waterproofing in Chennai is called French drain, an exterior drainage system excavating along the house's foundation.

Draining tiles are fixed in a home's trench, surrounded by soil and gravel. These tiles carry water from the ground away so as to not enter the building's basement. Waterproofing the exterior is always more costly than waterproofing the interior as it needs more material to work on. However, Waterproofing the exterior is always efficient and stops the water from going near the house's foundation. When the foundation is safeguarded, the rest can be assured in the home. If the foundation is maintained dry, it will not cause any leaks inside the house and in the basement. Therefore, professional services for waterproofing in Chennai suggest that waterproofing the exterior is worth the price.

A Brief Summary About Interior Waterproofing in Chennai

Interior waterproofing works on the leaks in the basement and re-reroutes them away from home. As we all know, the damage system for an interior contains drains and pipes to gather excess water. The collected water is then sent to the pit's sump that accumulates water in the basement in the form of a large bin. The sump pump present inside the pit pumps collected water from the basement to places away from the building. The sump pump's job is to automatically pump off the water once it gets to a specific level. Home repair services attach a battery for back-up to the sump pumps to continue with the pumping operation during power outages.

Another technique used in waterproofing the interior is called vapour barriers. These structures are made of foil or plastic sheets placed along the basement walls to seal the moisture. Besides taking of the drainage system in the interiors, they also help seal the leaks and cracks in the basement. As this happens, no humidity or moisture enters and gets accumulated in the house. Investing in the right waterproofing system for an interior is essential to reduce the risks associated with basement flooding. Interior waterproofing in Chennai has recently gained more significance with shifting weather conditions. An added advantage of waterproofing the interior is that it is effortless to install and costs less than the exterior waterproofing system.

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Reasons to Choose Interior & Exterior Waterproofing - Expert Advice

Exterior Waterproofing

  1. Waterproofing the exterior is a complete solution to protect a home from basement leaks or water flooding. It helps to clean the walls, fix the cracks, install fibre mesh and apply an aqua bloc foundation. Exterior waterproofing also installs a drainage membrane on the surface of the walls by fixing a weeping tile under the basement floor. Thus, it always solves the root cause of the problem.
  2. It prevents water from seeping into the house, which might damage the floor and wall. Exterior waterproofing aids in keeping the building structure strong, so it is the best option for waterproofing in Chennai, where the buildings are exposed to heavy rains.
  3. It is expensive, and the charges vary depending on the size of the property and labour involved. But as it is an effective means to stop water leakage throughout the house's foundation, preserving the foundation's strength, it is value for money.
  4. Exterior waterproofing methods are fast and can be installed in a week, depending on the job difficulties. Most importantly, the techniques are evolving and getting safer with time.

Interior Waterproofing

  1. Waterproofing the interior is not as expensive as exterior waterproofing, and therefore anybody can invest in it without giving second thoughts.
  2. Interior waterproofing techniques do not cause any trouble to the neighbouring homes or have any impact on the soil around the home. The installation process does not involve any disruption to the environment, unlike exterior waterproofing methods.
  3. Basement wall insulation is a part of the interior waterproofing method, mostly done with spray foam insulation on top of the membrane. It effectively prevents condensation behind the wall areas and is hence suitable for waterproofing in Chennai, which has higher humidity levels.
  4. Interior waterproofing transfers the water out from the basement, which has entered the basement already. But exterior waterproofing keeps the water out without letting it enter the system and always keeps the basement area dry.
  5. The waterproofing system for the system has a battery back-up for its sump pump to collect water from the drain system and pump it out to a safe location. The system is installed around the entire house and ensures that the water stays away from the basement, giving peace of mind to the house owner. Thus, the waterproofing system for the interior keeps the basement safe even during unexpected power outages.
Summing It Up

Home is an investment, especially if you are paying the mortgage! Even a small water leak can cause mould development, which may lead to health problems like eye irritation, skin rash, cough, etc. FastHelp home services offer the best waterproofing services by fully analysing the house's foundation. They also determine how the earth is graded against the foundation and find out more about the other factors that might impact the waterproofing system before proceeding with the installation process.

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