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Water proofing Solutions for Building Constructions & Walls

If you face waterproofing failures, you can consider choosing any of the below-suggested solutions to address the issue. Inappropriate materials are the main reason for waterproofing failures, apart from poor workmanship and material quality. Though there are various kinds of waterproofing materials available in the commercial market, the client's budget and knowledge of the water proofing contractors in Chennai play a significant role in making a choice.

The Need for Water Proofing Contractors in Chennai

Waterproofing materials prevent water ingression and are done in various ways depending on the requirements. Waterproofing has been practised for decades and has undergone many changes in methodologies and materials. You can get the perfect materials that will be apt for your space and requirements if you seek help from professional water proofing contractors in Chennai. Initially, waterproofing was possible by placing lime mortar or mud in a specific way. When aligned correctly, these structures do not let water collect on the roofs. In current times, several compatible materials have entered the market. In a few places, old conventional methods are given importance and are still being used. Thus, experts will be able to gauge the place and your needs and come up with effective solutions that meet your expectations and requirements.

Waterproofing Construction Materials Used by Water Proofing Contractors in Chennai

When choosing the waterproofing material, vapour permeability is one important criterion to look into so that the structure can breathe.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is the most widely used waterproofing solution preferred by water proofing contractors in Chennai. It is used for most toilets, kitchens, basements and terraces. Cementitious waterproofing is highly recommended for sunken areas but is not suitable for other places as they are rigid. This material's flexibility depends on the polymer content in the chemicals. The cementitious coating needs safe plaster layering as it is not UV resistant.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

A liquid waterproofing membrane is the most effective material used by water proofing contractors in Chennai. It offers great flexibility and provides seamless protection. The quality of this material depends on the manufacturer and the polymer formulation process performed during the production stage. However, this waterproofing material is durable and UV resistant with high elongation capability. The liquid waterproofing membrane is ideal for sunken areas like basements, terraces, and swimming pools.

Bituminous Based Membrane

Bituminous based membrane is the traditional method used by water proofing contractors in Chennai. It is not UV resistant and needs an extra safety layer, just like cementitious coatings. If the safety sheeting is not done for budget reasons, the material will naturally develop cracks in a year or so. The grounds on which bituminous based waterproof membranes are not recommended are because they have poor product quality and workmanship.

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Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

Polyurethane liquid membrane has higher flexibility when compared to other materials and is therefore expensive. It is ideal for use on flat roofs and is critically affected by moisture. Thus, they are least preferred by water proofing contractors in Chennai because they have to be watched and evaluated constantly for moisture content.

Box-Type Waterproofing

The box-type waterproofing is suitable for structures below the ground level. They prevent leakages and are used by water proofing contractors in Chennai for basement constructions. In box-type waterproofing, large limestone slabs are laid over the concrete in an evacuated pit. The joints are filled with different waterproofing substances.

Brick Bat Coba System

The brick bat coba system, also known as lime terracing, is famous for multi-storey buildings. It has been in use since British rule in India. The brick bat coba system uses lightweight mortar for roofs and provides a slope structure to drain rain waters. Thus, this method is very efficient to make the interiors cool and comfortable. Water proofing contractors in Chennai use them only in areas with less rain as these structures may cause leakages when exposed to excess water.

Metallic Sheet Wrapping

Metallic sheet wrapping is considered a complex method as it wraps surfaces of concrete with aluminium or copper foils. Thus, only knowledgeable and capable water proofing contractors in Chennai opt for this material.

Wall Waterproofing Solutions Used by Water Proofing Contractors in Chennai

The walls of any building are highly prone to leakages. It is necessary to waterproof the walls for better durability of the entire construction. Waterproofing the wall with suitable materials depends on the part of the house wall one is looking to safeguard. Be it a commercial or home improvement project; it is better to seek expert water proofing contractors in Chennai for the best service.

Waterproof Concrete Coating

Waterproof concrete coats can be applied directly on the surface of the walls without having to peel off the layer of paint. It is a waterproofing membrane that addresses problems like dampness and seepages with a polymer-modified cement compound. Home repair services recommend waterproof concrete coatings for interior walls, and it is a great choice for bathrooms that are exposed to damp conditions most of the time.

Waterproof Paint

Waterproof paints are suitable for exterior walls and look like regular painting surfaces. They have great durability to heat and rain and are easy-to-use. Waterproof paints can be applied with a paint roller and have better results with waterproof primers. The three types of waterproof paints used by water proofing contractors in Chennai are:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Masonry paints
  • Epoxy paints

The disadvantage of waterproof paints is that they are not suitable for roofs and basements.

Silicone Waterproof Sealant

Water proofing contractors in Chennai widely use silicone waterproof sealants to waterproof the bathrooms and sink areas in the kitchen. It is also a perfect method to seal the joints between the toilets, bathtub and sink to get rid of moisture.

Silicate Concrete Sealant

A silicate concrete sealant is costlier than the remaining wall waterproofing solutions. It is the most effective method to waterproof roofs and basement walls. The silicate sealers fill the concrete's pores and effectively protect the surface from moisture. Water proofing contractors in Chennai opt for it as they can spray liquid silicate sealers on unsealed and unpainted walls.


Analyse the above information and find the perfect choice for your space. FastHelp home services offer great ideas on the best waterproofing materials which suit your demands at the most affordable price.

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