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Expert Bathroom Cleaning Services

Vector illustration depicting a bathroom cleaner wearing gloves cleans a bathroom using a brush and other cleaning tools
A 3D graphic depicting a man cleaning his bathtub, positioned near the bathroom window

Cleaning Bathroom Spaces & Nooks

Bathroom cleaning usually ends up at the bottom of everyone's task list. It's easy to get put off by the sights and smells that live in those sanitary spaces. But leaving the task pending, especially in such an area, can lead to bigger problems.

At FastHelp, we take your cleaning woes away with our team of trained professionals equipped with the latest methods and the best equipment for the job! FastHelp cleaners provide bathroom cleaning services in homes and office spaces. We are thorough and efficient, giving you a clean space to enjoy!

Services We Provide

FastHelp bathroom cleaning is a two-fold process: we clean and then sanitize your bathroom space for optimal results. We cover every area of the bathroom, including floors, sinks, pots and bathtubs, in our cleaning and disinfecting package. Our full-service package will include a thorough, eco-friendly cleaning of:

  • Toilet/WC cleaning - outside and inside, scrubbing and disinfecting
  • Shower area cleaning – covers glass door and all surfaces, including floor, chrome fixtures and Jacuzzi
  • Sink cleaning – scrubbing and disinfecting
  • Mirror cleaning – residue removal
  • Floor cleaning– Vacuuming and steam mopping
  • General dusting – Slabs and toilet accessories
  • Specific cleaning - windowsills, ledges and blinds
  • Door cleaning - including door frames cleaning
  • Cobweb removal - from all nooks
  • Light fixtures cleaning - dusting and wiping
  • Vacuuming - floor mats and other floor accessories
  • Wall dusting - all surfaces and units covered
  • Garbage disposal - all bins and other waste collection
  • Exhaust fan cleaning - including all vents and spaces
  • Grout and grime removal - from floors, under appliances, etc.
  • Wet cleaning - wet mopping wherever required
  • Tiles scrubbing - to give the final polished look

Why Hire a Bathroom Cleaning Company?

The bathroom is an area that can get filthy very quickly. It is a high-traffic area that is accessible to guests. So keeping it clean is necessary for your sanity and health.Here are a few reasons why investing in a professional bathroom cleaning service will be beneficial to you:
A specially trained professional can perform this task in less time. Hiring a cleaning service will also free you up for other work.
Effective deep-cleaning
Though anyone can handle daily cleaning, a professional can give you the benefit of a deep-cleaning service for hard-core tasks.
The right tools
Every bathroom is different. Our professionals use material-specific products to prevent damage to surfaces or appliances while ensuring that everything is clean.
Assured safety
Our team of vetted professionals will give you the best service experience. You can be assured that your safety is our top priority.
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