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Borewell Cleaning 
Services In Chennai

This borewell worker holds his tools box and tools in his hands while he checks the drilling process
Side view of a borewell cleaning worker wearing a yellow safety cap fixing the borewell drilling machine with his tool

About FastHelp

FastHelp is the top destination for complete borewell cleaning services at an affordable cost in Tamilnadu. We offer one of the best maintenance and periodic cleaning services by a team of highly-skilled, well-trained professionals. Our prime aim is to ensure a surplus water supply for your residence or commercial premises. To ensure the same, we use the latest cleaning equipment combined with state-of-the-art technology for the complete efficient cleaning of your borewells. At FastHelp, we deploy a dedicated team for each project to ensure the work is done within the stipulated duration. All team members work together in complete harmony to maintain high-quality standards. We work differently, and that's how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Our Services

Your borewell could be your biggest source of life-giving water. We aim to ensure a copious supply from the borewell table. This supply is possible only with first-class maintenance and efficient borewell cleaning. At FastHelp, we have first class experience with both strategies. Our team has great expertise in cleaning borewells with high-pressure air compressors to flush raw water, dust, and debris. We also use Calcium Carbonate to kill any germs and bacteria contained in decayed particles in a borewell.

At FastHelp, we provide one of the largest range of borewell cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces in Chennai. Our services include:

  • Silt cleaning
  • Metro pipeline cleaning
  • Old and new borewell cleaning
  • Mud cleaning
  • Borewell suction line cleaning
  • Borewell delivery line cleaning
3D Flat vector illustration of a man cleaning the borewell with his tool

How We Work

Borewells are highly prone to pollution, making the water unfit for consumption. Therefore, you should have your borewells cleaned and flushed regularly. At FastHelp, we conduct the following steps to clean borewells:
Checking the water quality to rule out the presence of harmful bacteria like E.Coli and Total Coliform bacteria.
Using only scientifically-validated borewell cleaning equipment to ensure good quality of water.
Using high-pressure, advanced air compressors to flush our waste and dust from the borewells.
Following these measures, our team cleans the borewells using these three popular cleaning methods:
Slow Rig Borewell Cleaning
Designed exclusively for slow rig borewells, this cleaning process requires perfection in execution for maximum efficiency. Both physical and chemical examinations are used.
Power Rig Borewell Cleaning
We use the power rig equipment when sweeping borewells at a depth of 400 feet. The power rig is the best equipment to clean borewells located at reasonable depths.
Hand Borewell Cleaning
Use experienced manpower and expert manual inputs to manually clean and flush out debris from borewells in residential and commercial areas.
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