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Reliable Sanitization Services

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An explanation of the various disinfecting processes used at home by sanitation professionals in graphical illustration form

Sanitization for a Healthier World

All of us take particular care about our personal hygiene. But what about the cleanliness of our surroundings? In today's pandemic-ridden world, sanitizing and disinfecting our surroundings are also equally important. Dusting and vacuuming will not eliminate germs and infections in your environment.

At FastHelp, we specialize in advanced disinfection and sanitization of high-traffic areas around your home, office, or place of business. Our methods come with a guarantee of 99% success in killing common germs. All our cleaning solutions are WHO certified for high-quality disinfection services. We've also trained our disinfection experts to be quick, thorough, and happy professionals so that you have the benefit of exceptional service!

What Our Services Offer You

FastHelp services cover both residential and commercial spaces. Our disinfection and sanitization process reduces infection from disease-causers that grow around the home. Our products are entirely safe and suitable for children and pets alike. With a fogging machine, our agent diffuses the disinfectant across the room.

Our agents know that high-traffic areas need a thorough rubbing down, including:

hand railings
appliance handles
light switches
toilet seats

Sanitization Vs Disinfection: What's the Difference?

Cleaning professionals wear appropriate uniforms and wear yellow face masks while holding disinfectant guns, sanitizing homes and making them safe from harmful pathogens

Ever wondered how sanitization and disinfection are different? Since these steps are crucial to good health, it is a good idea to understand the subtle difference between the two.

Both the processes have to do with reducing the risk of infection, but sanitization is a gentler process than disinfection. Sanitizing a surface happens after daily cleaning activities to reduce the presence of germs and bring it to a safe, non-infectious level. Sanitizing areas that come in contact with food should be done frequently.

Disinfection does a more thorough job. It effectively eliminates the presence of bacteria or viruses. That is why disinfectants are used in places like hospitals where there are large numbers of people with low immunity.

Get Sanitized for Good Health
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