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Borewell Maintenance & Follow-ups- All You Need to Know

Digging a borewell and maintaining it is not an easy task. But it is essential to have a borewell for additional water supply. There are certain rules to follow when maintaining the borewell to ensure good water flow. Any borewell service in Chennai will be able to guide you on how to maintain the borewell.

Maintenance Tips Suggested by Borewell Service in Chennai

Checking Water Leakage

There are chances that even water can be corrosive. Using the same borewell leads to depreciation with every passing year. Holes are very commonly formed, which may lead to water leakage. If there is a sudden fall in the water volume, it simply states that there is some potential leakage. Untreated leakages will gradually lessen the water volumes with time. Therefore, if you suspect any leakage with the borewell, get professional help immediately. A professional borewell service in Chennai will test for leaks and replace the pipes. In some cases, it is better to repair the pipes as it is cost-effective than replacing them with new ones.

Preventing Contamination

Contamination happens when water from another borewell mixes with yours. Any borewell service in Chennai will be able to address this problem. It is advised to refrain from using contaminated water as it can cause a serious health problem. A maintenance service provider notifies the problem to the relevant authority. If you find out that there is another contaminated borewell nearby, stay alert as there are higher chances of your borewell also getting contaminated. Professionals solve this problem by checking the borewell pipes and replacing them.

Addressing Foul Smell

A foul smell from the borewell’s water indicates that something has gone wrong and that it is not ideal for consumption. The best way to prevent it is by keeping the place around the borewell clean of dirt and debris. By doing so, the chance of dirty water getting collected in the borewell will reduce. Home repair services will be able to cementing the area around the borewell which is another effective method to keep the water clean. But if you have a deep borewell, the foul smell may be due to a contaminated pipe. You have to reach out to experts to have the pipes checked in such instances.

Removing Slush

Slushing happens right after the monsoon in many places of India like Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, etc. The major cause for slush development is the muddy puddles around the borewell. The maintenance tip is to check for water seepage and then cement the area near the borewell. Addressing the mud accumulation will be another effective step here. It is done by looking out for loosened soil and fixing it with the help of a good borewell service in Chennai. However, addressing any borewell problem will take time to return to normal with an appropriate water flow.

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Replacing Fractured Conduits

The conduits in the pipes carry water and also deposits. If you haven't replaced the pipes for a long time, it is better to replace them to prevent the deposits from blocking the conduits. These deposits can be anything and accumulate more near the joints where the pipe bends. Replacing the conduits frequently helps in maintaining the water flow. Moreover, it ensures that the water is hygienic too. If the conduit does not have a problem, a simple cleaning process with the help of an expert borewell service in Chennai will resolve the issue. However, to clean the channels, professional help is essential.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures Followed by Borewell Service in Chennai

It is best to disinfect and clean the borewell at least once a year with the help of a good borewell service in Chennai to prevent water contamination and ensure a clean water supply. The steps involved in disinfecting the borewell will be:

  1. Remove the groundwater using the jetting process.
  2. Use chlorine compound in granular form or high-strength calcium hypochlorite powder, containing 60 to 80% of chlorine.
  3. Sodium hypochlorite in a liquid bleach form can also be used. However, the liquid form contains only 5% of chlorine.
  4. Pour the chlorine compound into the borehole after removing a part of the pump.
  5. Replace the pump and keep operating it until you can smell chlorine in the water outflow.
  6. Allow the water to stay for 12 to 24 hours in the borehole.
  7. Again, operate the pump to remove all the chlorinated water.
  8. Use a chlorine kit to check its concentration in the water.
  9. Keep pumping out the water until you no longer smell chlorine.

Troubleshooting Borewell Problems

There are four major problems that occur frequently with borewells. They are:


Redeveloping the well is the best method to rectify sediments in the water. Reducing the pumping rate is recommended if the water flow rate is higher than the standard rate. A professional borewell service in Chennai can help you by installing additional storage units to handle the excess water flow scenarios. Redrilling in a different aquifer is another method to address the sedimentation problem.

Dissolved Gas in Water

Ensure that the water tank is well vented by contacting a good borewell service in Chennai. By determining the depth at which the gas is entering, lower the pump intake below the level where the gas is entering. By doing so, the gas will get accumulated on top of the well.

Reduced well yield

To normalise the yield, check the pump, chlorinate the water, physically clean the borewell, recondition or redevelop the well, reduce the pumping rates and decrease water usage. Seek guidance from an expert borewell service in Chennai to perform the above operations flawlessly.

Change in water quality

Identify the contamination source with the help of a borewell service in Chennai and monitor the water quality through regular water testing methods.

Wrapping It Up

It is possible to correct any borewell problem. However, you need professional help in most cases as the problems may arise due to two or more causes that need rectification through a combination of actions. FastHelp home services help maintain borewells with cost-effective procedures. Try our service and see how your water quality and yield improves in a short span.

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