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Maintenance Tips for Wooden Furniture

Humans have used furniture in various forms for many decades. Furniture is of great importance as it is widely used in offices, schools, and homes. They accentuate the look of the place and make it useful and functional. Before investing in furniture, people must research a lot as it is costly. Maintaining the furniture properly after purchase will make it last for years. The most common materials used in making furniture are wood and metal. Both these materials need good care and maintenance. If you are looking for an intricate pattern in wooden furniture, reach out to professional carpenters who can offer outstanding woodwork in Chennai.

Ways to Take Good Care of Woodwork in Chennai

Wooden furniture comes in various sizes and shapes. Dining tables, chairs, sofas, bookshelves and coffee tables are the commonly used wooden furniture. Though the usage and purpose vary from person to person, the handling and care remain the same for all wooden furniture. It is important to maintain wooden furniture properly to make it last for longer durations in good form. There are various furniture care tips stated by expert carpenters offering excellent woodwork in Chennai. Let us discuss them in detail below.

Regular Dusting

Dusting is the most basic method to protect wooden furniture. If you don’t dust the furniture regularly, they lose shine in a short span. If the dust accumulation is severe, use warm water and mild soap to clean it. When using water to clean wooden furniture, wipe it well with a dry cloth to prevent residual moisture. Reach out to experienced carpenters who provide the best woodwork in Chennai and will give guidance regarding the material you should use to dust wooden furniture. The common materials ideal to dust furniture are:

  • Cotton cloth
  • Feather duster
  • Microfibre towel

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Wooden furniture tends to become discoloured with too much sunlight and may start to look patchy. Though sunlight is the culprit in causing damage, any bright light is capable of causing slight damage. Thus, ensure that your wooden furniture is placed away from bright lights. A few of the tips to protect the wooden furniture from damage due to sunlight recommended by skilled carpenters providing extraordinary woodwork in Chennai are:

  1. Use dim lights as an alternative to bright blue lights to minimise the damage.
  2. Allow the furniture to stay in dark places.
  3. Draw the curtains or cover the furniture to protect them from direct sunlight.

Usage of Placemats & Coasters

Prevention is better than cure. The same applies to wooden furniture maintenance. The best thing to do is to refrain from mishandling the wooden furniture and handling it with utmost care. Will anybody like stains or ring marks on the wooden furniture? Therefore, you should take care not to place cups directly on the wooden surface and make use of a coaster. Experienced carpenters who create the best woodwork in Chennai recommend using placemat to prevent stains on wooden furniture.

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Tips to Protect Wooden Furniture From Humidity

Humidity is the major enemy of wooden furniture. It can cause more damage than any other external source. Wood tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere when it has more humidity. As a result, it causes shrinking and swelling of the wooden furniture. If the furniture is made by assembling various parts, the humidity may expand the furniture in various directions, causing a misfit. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the fall and rise of humidity and take good care of the furniture. There are a few tips to prevent wooden furniture from humidity, suggested by licensed carpenters who make outstanding woodwork in Chennai. They are:

  1. Install a humidifier with humidistats to your home that maintains the humidity levels.
  2. Allow the windows to be open so that there is sufficient ventilation. Ensure that enough sunlight is coming into the house as plenty of sunlight and air will stabilise the humidity.
  3. Camphor and naphthalene balls can control dampness caused by humidity by absorbing moisture.

Protect Wooden Furniture With Professional Carpenters Providing Woodwork in Chennai

There are a few things only experienced carpenters can do to maintain and protect wooden furniture from damage. Let us discuss them.

Remove Tough Stains

In order to remove tough stains from the furniture, the first best way is not to allow it to sit for long. The other cleaning tricks are:

  1. Take vinegar and soak a cloth in it. Gently blot the stain until the mark disappears.
  2. White toothpaste and baking soda remove tough stains like white rings. Rub it on the stain till it disappears, and then wipe it off with a soft and dry cloth.
  3. Mayonnaise is a great wood furniture cleaner to remove crayon marks on the affected area. Buff the area, allow the mayonnaise to sit for a couple of minutes and then clean it with a damp cloth.

Frequent Waxing & Oiling

Wooden furniture begins to lose its shine with time. Regular oiling and waxing procedures help to retain the glow and charm. These procedures also prevent the furniture from getting damaged. If you are going to do the waxing and oiling process by yourself, you must do it correctly. But if you are doubtful, reach out to well-established carpenters offering professional woodwork in Chennai to groom your wooden furniture.

Closing Remarks
Maintaining wooden furniture is not as easy as it sounds. You have to follow all the methods mentioned above and maintain them properly. The more frequent you are with the maintenance routine, the easier it is to make it last a lifetime. FastHelp home services Chennai provide highly skilled and qualified carpenters to help maintain and protect the wooden furniture. We also provide maintenance tips for our clients to make them care for their furniture by themselves.

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