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Which is Better? Regular or Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a process that happens once every year in Indian houses during Diwali. People believe that a tidy and neat house is where Goddess Laxmi resides. One can do deep cleaning as many times as possible. But deep cleaning is impossible to perform frequently as it requires more time than the regular cleaning process. If you want help cleaning the nook and corner of your home, reach out to deep cleaning services Chennai. This article will let you know the difference between a regular and deep cleaning process elaborately. We also provide information about the type of deep cleaning required in various home areas.

Facts on Deep Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning Services Proposed by Deep Cleaning Services Chennai

Everyone should know a few things about deep cleaning and regular cleaning before they start eliminating the accumulation of dust, dirt, virus, and dangerous bacteria.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is what everyone performs on a daily basis without expert guidance to restrict dust accumulation. This cleaning process is done on the external surface of furniture and floor in every home. Regular dusting will remove only the upper layer of the dust. However, this type of cleaning has a few disadvantages. Regular cleaning will not be able to clean or remove the dust and dirt particles from the corners and cracks. One cannot get rid of the bacteria, viruses and germs with regular cleaning. Thus, deep cleaning has to be performed once every few months with the help of qualified deep cleaning services Chennai.

Deep Cleaning

Certain areas and divisions in a home attract dust very easily. A few places and items that accumulate huge amounts of dirt and dust are the bathroom, fans, kitchen, ceilings, oven, microwave, etc. As uncleanliness causes various diseases, a deep cleaning is essential. You have to hire professional deep cleaning services Chennai once every few months to stay healthy.

Difference Between Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a minimum level of cleaning performed regularly in every home. It cleans only the external layers of every space, whereas deep cleaning eliminates the germs by cleaning the least accessed areas of the house to make them spick and span. A regular cleaning process includes brooming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning kitchen tiles and bathrooms. These routines are also termed house maintenance and are essential for leading a comfortable life. But if you aim to lead a healthy lifestyle, consider a deep cleaning service. It disinfects the entire house and makes the home a haven. The deep-down level of cleaning performed by qualified deep cleaning services Chennai focuses on covering all the house sections. They include areas like windows, ceilings, railings, sinks, water containers, water basins, showers, RO, frames, and many more.

A Brief Summary on Deep Cleaning Accessories & Areas Covered by Deep Cleaning Services Chennai

The deep cleaning accessories used by professional deep cleaning services Chennai are:

  • Toilet brush
  • Glass cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Scrubbing pad
  • Duster
  • Sponges
  • Waste rag
  • Mug & Bucket
  • Polish material
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning agent
  • Stain remover
  • Detergent

Deep cleaning services Chennai covers the following areas of every home. They are:

Living room

A living room is a place that leaves an everlasting impression on everyone who comes to your home. All the money you have invested in the sofa set, decors, tables, and false ceilings goes waste if grime and dust are everywhere. The professionals of a deep cleaning service wipe the cabinets and shelves by cleaning them entirely both inside and outside. They wipe the grills of all windows and remove the stains with the help of cleaning agents. The cracks and corners of the house areas are cleaned by vacuuming, and the floor is cleaned by mopping with soap water. You can contact experienced deep cleaning services Chennai to clean the left-out parts of regular cleaning.


Deep cleaning services remove things from all the kitchen shelves and cabinets, dust off the dirt, wipe the items and put them back. It is a well-known fact that pests grow inside the cabinets and shelves of the kitchen as they are always covered with doors. Well-covered spaces facilitate the growth of fungi and mould. Deep cleaning services Chennai scrub the flooring to keep it safe from germs. Kitchen appliances like toaster, oven, sandwich maker and microwave need to be scrubbed and cleaned in the interior, and deep cleaning does it all without fail. They remove the items from the kitchen and scrub the tiles so that the stains are completely removed. Professional cleaners wipe the exhaust fan and kitchen windows and ensure that the entire kitchen is free from microorganisms.


It is the job of deep cleaning services to rinse the bathroom tiles. They remove the empty bottles of the shampoo, cleanser and soap and clean the top shelves. Professional deep cleaning services Chennai clean the bathtubs and bathroom sinks with a soapy solution to remove the stains. They soak the shower heads in a vinegar solution to make them clean and scrub the bathroom floor.


The bedroom is the most important part of the house, and everyone wants it to be clean. Therefore, one must perform a deep cleaning by removing the tables, clothes in the cupboard, materials from the shelves and then performing the cleaning process. Experienced deep cleaning services Chennai dust the unreachable spaces and efficiently vacuum the corners of the bedroom. They also thoroughly clean the air conditioning grills, wooden furniture, and balcony areas.

Wrap Up

By going through the above article, you would have understood the difference between regular and deep cleaning. Both the cleaning services have the same motive to keep the house clean and neat and cover all the spaces. However, the difference lies in the manual power efforts and the strategies used to perform the cleaning process. FastHelp home services Chennai is a reliable deep cleaning service provider which offers immediate help to people anytime and anywhere. We are experts in providing cleaning services at an affordable price like no other.

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