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Kitchen Drain Smell- Causes & Solutions

If you think that refrigerators and garbage cans are the only sources creating smell in your kitchen, you are wrong. The kitchen drains and sinks are also to be blamed! Fixing any problem with the kitchen drain as early as possible is advised as it might lead to a serious plumbing issue. Let us see why drains smell and how to fix them with drainage cleaning services.

When to Reach Out to Drainage Cleaning Services?

There are a few common causes of kitchen drain smells. It is best to seek help from drainage cleaning services in Chennai and resolve the issue when they occur.


Debris or food build-ups are the reason for blockages in drain pipes. Food waste gives away a bad odour, and as a preventive measure for blockage, one has to use running water for a few seconds and flush out the contents. The lowest point in the sink is curved and has a feature to clear the blockages. Cleaning the curved part of the sink once every week is a simple hack to get rid of blockages. But when these self-maintenance operations fail, it is advised to get help from drainage cleaning services.


Clogs are another major reason for creating an unpleasant smell in the kitchen. Clogged drains are made of organic matter and food substances, which, when left unattended, develop a bad odour. Methane is a by-product when organic waste gets decomposed, and so the sewer gas smells horrible with the accumulation of food particles. The bad smell in kitchen drains may be an early indicator of clog. When it becomes impossible to clear the clogs by DIY methods it is best to bring the problem to the attention of good drainage cleaning services.


Leakages are the main culprits when a kitchen drain smells terrible. Pipe connections in the sink are highly prone to leakages. Therefore, if you suspect any leaking, you can unscrew the pipe connection, remove the P-trap, and clear the accumulated food waste. When this type of cleaning process is made a habit, it becomes easy to prevent the bad odour and preserve the well-being of the home space. However, if you haven’t addressed a leakage before, contact professional drainage cleaning services to avoid damage costs.

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P-traps are a significant part from which bad odour arises if there is a problem. The curvy portion of a draining pipe on the bottom of the sink has the P-trap, which resembles a ‘U’ or a ‘P’. It holds water at the lower part of the curve and seals the smell. But if the P-trap becomes dry without usage, it lets the smell creep into the house. Therefore, allowing running water into the sink continuously is the best way to rectify the problem. So, keep the seal in a working condition always. Problems in P-traps cannot be identified with a glance and require special equipment to resolve the issue. Call your nearest drainage cleaning services if you need help sorting out any kitchen drain smell.

Sewer Breaches

Any breach in the sewer line will affect the well-being of the entire place. It is a serious issue that can cause the most disgusting smell and must be addressed with drainage cleaning services.

Venting Pipe Blocks

When venting pipes get clogged with debris, they will become incapable of releasing gases away from the system and start sending them back into the system. This will lead to a bad odour which requires the help of good drainage cleaning services to get back to normal.

Ways to Prevent Kitchen Drain Smells as Suggested by Top Drainage Cleaning Services

The key to eliminating bad odours in the kitchen is properly disposing of garbage. But as many do not invest in a sink garbage disposing unit, there are a few ways recommended by top drainage cleaning services in Chennai to get rid of the drain smell easily.

  1. Composting - Instead of dumping the coffee grounds, tea residues, and many more into the kitchen, composting is the best solution to dispose of food waste. Prepare a small compost bin for dropping the food waste and start composting. Contact home repair services to set up a compost plan in your home.
  2. Recycling - Invest in the right containers to recycle the food substances suitable for the recycling process.
  3. Donating for Animal Feed – You can contact livestock owners and ask them to get your discarded food scraps. It is an effective method to recycle food waste.

DIY Methods to Stop Kitchen Drain Smells Recommended by Expert Drainage Cleaning Services

Kitchen drain smells are easy to resolve with DIY methods without professional help. So, if you suspect any bad odour in your space, try the hacks recommended by drainage cleaning services.

  1. Washing sink with hot water and soap is the best option. Fill your sink with a considerable amount of boiling water. Add a small quantity of dish soap and mix it well until it creates bubbles. Run down the water to remove any debris after cleaning the entire sink.
  2. The white vinegar and baking soda combination will never fail. It is very effective to eliminate odour and is a proven method. Pour it into the disposal and allow it to bubble for some time. Flush out the mixture down the drain with boiling water at high speed, which breaks down the particles causing the bad odour and rinses them away.
  3. Salt, lemon peels and ice can work wonders to eliminate the physical residues in the sink, which eventually eliminates the bad smell.
  4. If you are not sure that your drain pipes are starting to clog, remove the greasy residues by flushing down the following mixture. Take two cups of salt with two litres of boiling water, dissolve it and run it down the drain.
  5. If you face kitchen drain smells from the sink with stubborn clogs or leaks, try using drain screens or food stoppers. These special devices are available widely in big cities like Chennai in most hardware stores. It prevents food scraps from getting into the drain and plays a major role in avoiding blockages.

Wrap Up
With the points discussed above, you will be able to take the right steps to create an odour-free kitchen space. FastHelp home services offer permanent solutions to kitchen drain problems by determining the root causes and providing tips to prevent them.

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