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Electrical Solutions for Multi-unit Facilities

If you own a shopping complex, mall, hospital, or school, you will have ongoing electrical requirements as it is a multi-unit facility. It might include routine repair, maintenance, or emergency support, requiring help from experienced electrical contractors in Chennai. The basic requirements for planning and executing electrical work in an ordinary building having up to two floors vary from those of high rise or multi-storey buildings. A building with more than four floors, or measuring 15 metres is considered a miniature township. They require elaborate services like electric power, emergency or standby power, water supply, elevator service, recreation facilities, etc.

Electrical Services Offered by Electrical Contractors in Chennai for Multi-unit Facilities

There are various electrical services that electrical contractors offer for multi-unit or high rise facilities. Let us discuss the popular ones here.

Consultation for Electrical Layout & Design

Get guidance if you are on the lookout for a complete overhaul of the electrical system to secure your multi-unit property. Professional electrical contractors in Chennai with adequate knowledge of electrical engineering provide solutions from scratch.

Lighting & Safety Solutions

Proper lighting and safety are essential for multi-unit properties. Skilled electrical contractors in Chennai power the lighting systems in common areas like lobbies, driveways, parking lots, etc. They provide energy-efficient solutions like LED lighting. Efficient electricians ensure complete installation, repair and maintenance of security alarm systems to prevent fire. In recent times, electricians are making an attempt to upgrade all the old electrical systems to the latest ones to ensure 100% safety.

Primary Power Coordination

Professional electrical contractors in Chennai ensure a steady supply of power, especially if you have issues with an intermittent or inadequate supply of primary power. They enhance the electrical system's efficiency and safety and minimise system failures or power outages.

Offer Upgrades

If you are looking for options to reduce your energy bills, reach out to certified electrical contractors in Chennai. From minor upgrades to complete rewiring or redesigning, they help your facility improve with energy efficiency, thereby reducing costs effectively.

Preventive Maintenance

Are you seeking routine servicing for your multi-unit facility or a complete revamp of your electrical system? Reach out to licensed electrical contractors in Chennai who will be able to offer preventative maintenance at the desired budget, meeting your property needs.

Ideas to Conserve Electrical Energy in a Multi-unit Facility

A few methods that professional electrical contractors in Chennai use to conserve electrical energy effectively in high-rise or multi-unit facilities are discussed here.

  1. Using compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LEDs.
  2. Avoiding use of incandescent lamps, especially on display signboards which are switched on the whole day.
  3. Installing solar water heaters to supply hot water.
  4. Planning for and fixing combustion gas water heaters as an alternative to electric heaters to save running costs.
  5. Positioning the windows so that natural light enters the facility during the daytime.

How do Electrical Contractors in Chennai Offer High-performance Electrical Solutions?

Electrical contractors provide high-performance electrical solutions like installing safety devices to distribute power and other integrated building management systems. We have elaborated on them below.

Safety Device to Distribute Power

It is easy to meet the power requirements with a single-phase supply to every owner in a simple building. The power usage is measured with independent energy meters. But in multi-unit facilities, the power requirements depend on the number of houses or stores. Skilled electrical contractors in Chennai plan and install a high-tension substation or feeder to meet the large power requirements. The substations have low-tension power distribution boards with three phases. It is the responsibility of the electricians to plan the placement of the outgoing cables and feeders in a way that they balance the power among the three phases. The power supply is properly delivered to the facility only when these devices are placed in the right position.

Furthermore, the other steps taken in a multi-unit facility to make it more functional are:

  1. The incoming power supply to each consumer is protected with an ELCB or the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. This safeguards a person from electrical shocks if they are using faulty electrical gadgets.
  2. Each circuit within the multi-unit facility has a miniature circuit breaker to trip that circuit during an overload or short circuit.
  3. The power sockets are earthed with an earth conductor and connected to earthed ground pits to ensure safety. Any current l

    eaking from a defective equipment will be sensed by the ELCB and directed to the ground without harming the person who comes in contact with it.

  4. Lightning arrestors are installed on the top of every multi-unit facility to safeguard the entire building from lightning.
  5. Professional electrical contractors in Chennai directly install separately wired light fittings. These automatically turn on during power failures.
  6. Change over switching facilities are fitted in areas with elevators, lighting loads, water pumps, etc.
  7. Fire fighting controls and battery-assisted power supplies are mandatory instalments of a multi-unit facility.

Integrated Building Management System

An integrated building management system, also known as IBMS in a multi-unit facility, provides single window access for elevator control, energy management, preventative maintenance of equipment and monitoring fire fighting systems. The other electrical solutions provided by experienced electrical contractors in Chennai in a multi-unit facility are:

  1. The life-saving module offers full control to detect smoke.
  2. Fire detection with smart smoke detectors provides information about the floor experiencing fire accidents. Therefore, it aids with safe evacuation.
  3. The security module will allow the operators to monitor and control people's entry with smart card readers. It can use the information from the human resource database.
  4. CCTV installed in and around the premises provides information on movements.
  5. The building management module controls lighting, HVAC system and energy usage. It also maintains the historical data of the building and alerts the operators about any abnormal building conditions. The building management module also analyses the long-term operational patterns and ensures optimal performance.
  6. The maintenance module offers a checklist to maintain equipment, manpower data, requirements of tools for every job, etc.

The Takeaway
Whether it is a specific problem or a technical glitch, electrical contractors promptly resolve and respond to all the electrical issues. They work round the clock and offer 24/7 emergency services, thereby preventing any accidents due to faults in electrical systems. FastHelp home services Chennai has the most efficient electricians to provide the best electrical services with years of experience and adequate theoretical knowledge.

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