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Do's & Don'ts to Follow While Cleaning With Kids

Cleaning is a time-consuming job and pretty stressful when a person is handling the entire burden without any help. It is natural for parents to rely on kids when they are old enough to help them with the household chores. While some children show interest in cleaning, others are not fond of it. In such cases, parents have to nag them and make them develop the good habit of organising their own stuff. Professional home cleaning services Chennai help with effective cleaning service when you want a break or do not have anyone around to help you.

Ways to Develop the Habit of Cleaning in Kids Recommended by Experienced Home Cleaning Services Chennai

There are a few methods to follow to inculcate cleaning habits in kids as recommended by experienced home cleaning services Chennai. They are:

Starting at an Early Age

Toddlers enjoy helping their parents as it makes them feel valued. Skilled home cleaning services Chennai suggests that the best part of instilling the good value when they are kids is that they learn to carry the good practice throughout their lives.

Encourage Kids to Help

A parent must encourage the kids to help them with simple tasks. Though it might be time-consuming, making them perform such responsibilities helps them learn to do things independently in the long run. Licensed home cleaning services Chennai recommends not to give a challenging task for kids because it will make them lose interest.

Be Specific

Kids at the age of five or six can perform their own tasks and take good care of their belongings. However, home cleaning services Chennai advises parents to be more specific with their instructions while assigning a duty. Doing so will help the kids follow the commands and perform the required task properly.

Supervised Duties

A kitchen is a place with dangerous appliances and sharp objects. Therefore, experienced home cleaning services Chennai proposes not to let kids perform the cleaning duties all by themselves without supervision.

Create a Weekly Cleaning Chart

Creating a schedule is very important to have the cleaning processes run smoothly without interruption. Certified home cleaning services Chennai emphasises parents to prepare the cleaning chart as it helps children to grow into responsible citizens.

Do's & Don'ts When Cleaning With Kids

The do's when cleaning with kids include:

  1. Have realistic expectations when teaching kids to clean by themselves. Demonstrate the process and then encourage them to do it. You can ask your children to visualise how home cleaning services Chennai work in your space and imitate the tasks.
  2. Give extra kisses and hugs to show that you are satisfied and happy when they help you.
  3. Ask kids to do only simple tasks like pulling the comforter on top of the bed so that they do not feel taxed helping you.
  4. Give them only one instruction at a time. This helps kids to perform the job without any confusion.
  5. Keep an eye on kids and supervise them even if they are old enough to handle the chores by themselves. There will be circumstances when kids do not understand the dangers of the chemicals in the cleaning products and mishandle them. But with complete supervision, you can prevent the risks associated while using dangerous cleaning accessories and items.
  6. When creating the cleaning chart, make it fair and realistic. Include less strenuous jobs for Saturdays and give Sundays off.

The don'ts while cleaning with kids include:

  1. Don't raise your voice against kids or punish them for not performing their assigned cleaning tasks properly. Even if they do not perform up to the mark, understand that they are small children and encourage what they have done.
  2. Do not avoid showing them affection or hugging them if they refuse to perform the cleaning chores.
  3. Don't criticise kids if they have not done the job in a proper manner. All that matters is that they are willing to help.
  4. Do not redo the work in front of them if they have not done it properly, as doing so discourages them.
  5. Do not give vague instructions. Instead of just stating "clean your room", list the tasks to do.
  6. Do not provide them with a lot of duties at a time. Give one instruction at a time and that will help them perform their assigned tasks with discipline. If the work is overwhelming for you, do not burden your kids. Instead, reach out to professional home cleaning services Chennai.
  7. Do not let kids use items like graters, glassware and knives all by themselves.
  8. Do not assign cleaning duties in very soiled areas. It will be very difficult for them to handle things.
  9. Do not offer hard jobs consecutively. Give them less strenuous jobs and offer them frequent breaks. This will help them enjoy the cleaning process and work.

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Helpful Tips Suggested by Professional Home Cleaning Services Chennai

There are certain tips to be followed by every parent to ensure the kid's safety while performing cleaning activities at home. A few of the most popular ones suggested by home cleaning services Chennai are:

  1. Store the cleaning material out of reach of children.
  2. The chemical smells linger inside the cabinets even if they no longer store the cleaning materials. Thus, install child-proof latches to ensure that children are safe.
  3. Laundry detergents are capable of causing sensitivity to a child's skin. Therefore, it is essential to store them on high shelves.
  4. Do not leave a container having the cleaning supply unattended or open.
  5. Use proper equipment to handle the cleaning materials as per the label instruction. If the label recommends you to wear goggles, gloves or protective gear, you have to follow it religiously to reduce any harm to you and your family.
  6. Dispose of the rags and papers you used to clean as they will contain chemicals.
  7. Always have the list of emergency contact numbers handy. Most of the chemicals, when used incorrectly, will result in an emergency. Therefore, home cleaning services Chennai recommend having your first-aid kit and the telephone numbers of your family doctor, nearby hospital, and local ambulance service ready.

Thus, the tips mentioned above when followed ensures that you clean your home safely with kids. FastHelp home services Chennai offers the most skilled and experienced cleaners to provide regular and deep cleaning services without delay. We also provide quality service at affordable rates compared to many other home services.

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