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An Ultimate Guide on Ceiling Painting

Are you planning to paint your house? Wondering what to do with the fifth wall of your home? Though a majority of people opt for a white colour for the ceiling, choosing the right shade will accentuate the look of the living space. Décor pieces and furnishings complement the ceiling to create a stunning statement. A professional painter in Chennai will be able to make a room more attractive by including the latest ceiling trends. Let us see some of the handy tricks and tips to ace the look in the article below.

Factors Considered by an Experienced Painter in Chennai While Painting the Ceiling

A few essential factors to consider while painting the ceiling if you wish to create a statement are elaborated below.

Size of the Room

The shade of the ceiling must depend on the size of the space. If the ceilings are painted with a lighter shade than the walls, the ceiling will look higher. But if you paint the ceiling with darker shades, the room will appear small. Thus, when the room is small, choose the ceiling's shade that is lighter to make it look spacious. You can add variety to the space by including shades like pastel hues and beige rather than plain white. If your ceilings are asymmetrical or angled, use the same shades that you use on the walls for the ceiling. A professional painter in Chennai will be able to guide you through the entire painting task by measuring and analysing the size of the room. You can give a striking effect by adding a geometric pattern on the ceiling. Remember that when you create a statement ceiling, add on some accessories and décor pieces to avoid a jarring effect.

Paint Finishes

An experienced painter in Chennai will give ideas on the types of paint finishes that suit your space. As the ceiling paint is usually flat, you can use any matte finish paint. But if you are using a darker shade for the ceiling, include satin finish paint or eggshell paint, which gives a reflective sheen. The ceiling has to look flawless, and therefore try avoiding higher-sheen paints as they draw attention to the surface flaws.

Usage of Right Tools

There are so many things to consider before starting to paint the ceiling. First, you have to decide whether your room is missing a little something and then choose whether you want to go for a bold ceiling. Adding more spotlights to the ceiling will create a stylish statement. The lights add a cosy effect to any room. Pick a roller to avoid drippings while painting the fifth wall. You must choose a short roller that is angled accordingly to not put a strain on your neck and back. Finally, no matter what shade you choose, keep in mind that it should not cause anxiety or stress. Feel free to get in touch with a licensed painter in Chennai for top painting solutions.

Ways to Prep the Room Before Painting the Ceiling

Although going ahead and picking the shade or finish for the ceiling is an exciting part, it is always best to consider the lighting in the room as a primary move. It is essential to decide on the lighting as it is the key to setting the mood of the room. If you want a classy and sophisticated look, you must invest in chandeliers which provide a warm feeling. Natural light sources also play a major role in escalating the ceiling's shade. For example, bright daylight, which reflects off a blush pink shade ceiling, will enhance the feel of an airy atmosphere. On the contrary, a shade like a tomato red will create a rich glow. A professional painter in Chennai will begin painting from the ceiling by making their way down to the walls. This is because if they tend to overspray the paints on the walls, they can keep going ahead with the regular painting schedule, which will eventually cover it up.

A skilled painter in Chennai will be able to guide you on what to do while choosing darker shades for the ceiling. In this case, you have to take proper precautions to drape and cover the walls to prevent them from getting damaged with over spraying. While painting the ceiling, do not forget to lay a cloth on the floor as the paint will splatter during the process. If the painting job is done with a roller, the overspray will get everywhere, and so it is essential to safeguard the décor objects and valuable furniture from the area.

If you plan to fix your ceiling through a DIY method, always give sufficient time for the paint to dry. Most of the time the ceiling finish does not look as you envisioned. It either becomes too dark, patchy or not smooth. You can avoid all these problems by providing adequate time for the primers and the paint coats to dry before re-application. The amount of time you give for the paint to dry depends on the surface area, type, and products used. Reach out to an experienced painter in Chennai who will be able to guide you with simple painting techniques and strategies.

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False Ceiling Ideas to Try Suggested by a Skilled Painter in Chennai

If you want to pop something different on your ceiling, you can consider any false ceiling ideas as recommended by a professional painter in Chennai. A few of the popular ones are:

  • Islamic pattern
  • Versailles France painting
  • Tiles
  • Chinese style
  • Abstract painting
  • Multi-colour artwork
  • Ancient painting
  • Tricky 3D painting
  • Doodle art ceiling
  • Mandala design
  • Pattern painting

The Takeaway
With the ideas mentioned above on painting a ceiling to create a dramatic look, you can give life to your creativity. It is always recommended to hire a qualified painter to ensure that the painting job is done flawlessly. FastHelp home services Chennai has the best painters who will be able to provide a professional painting job at a reasonable rate without compromising on quality.

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