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Factors to Consider While Choosing Wall Finishes

The way a home is painted reflects the vision and personality of people residing in it. It is not only about the choice of colours in paints. One can add value to a wall painting in Chennai, and other big cities in India with paint finishes also called sheens, which will elevate the uniqueness of the place. The sheens provide a fabric-like finish on the walls, and it is necessary to know what to expect while choosing a paint finish. Several paint finishes are available in the commercial market, which are influenced by the paint colours. Both the colour and sheen complement each other in any space. Let us look at the types of various wall finishes in detail below.

Sheens Used for Wall Painting in Chennai

Sheen is the shine or amount of gloss in wall paints. But have you wondered how it imparts gloss? Paint finishes or sheens reflect the light from any wall painting in Chennai & other places to create the shine or extra gloss. When walls are not covered with finishes or sheens, they fall flat by absorbing the light. Sheen impacts the appearance of a paint shade and influences the look of both interior and exterior walls. They not only escalate the look, sheens or paint finishes improve the moisture resistance and durability of walls. Thereby, they make the maintenance procedure easy.

Types of Different Wall Paints & Finishes

The different types of finishes and paints are categorized based on their reflectiveness. Let us see each of them in detail below.

Flat/Matte Paints

Flat paints are also known as matte paints, and they are the ones with the least amount of gloss and shine. Unlike other paint varieties on the market, matte paints require fewer coats to cover imperfections on the walls, like nail holes. A professional wall painting in Chennai will coat huge areas with flat paints to accentuate the look of the space thereby rendering a cost-effective service. Though flat paints are great to provide coverage, they have the least durability. They are easily damaged when they come in contact with substances like cleaners and other chemicals used in every household. Therefore, matte paints are ideal for surfaces that are not highly exposed to low-traffic like dining rooms or less touched like ceilings.

Eggshell Paints

The most popular type of paint finish is eggshell paint. They are more lustrous than matte paints with a delicate low sheen of eggshells. They have a considerable amount of durability and also cover wall imperfections. But they are not as durable as satin or gloss finishes. Eggshell paints are the ideal choice for any wall painting in Chennai as there is more moisture content in the air. It is also applicable to places with medium traffic like hallways, living rooms and entrances.

Satin Paints

Satin finishes are the commonly preferred paints for interior purposes. They have a velvety sheen and are easier to clean than matte and eggshell paints. Satin paints are a great choice for high traffic spaces like playrooms, kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms and bathrooms. The disadvantage of satin paints is that it reveals brush strokes, thereby making touch-ups tricky. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for an expert service for wall painting in Chennai when working with satin paints.

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Semi-gloss Paints

Semi-gloss paints are reflective and shiny, and they are the most mild-dew resistant and extremely durable finish. Semi-gloss paints are best for wall painting in Chennai, as the metropolitan city spaces are prone to more wear and tear. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and kids' bedrooms. Being very glossy, they expose imperfections more easily than less shiny paints.

High-gloss Paints

High-gloss paints are the shiniest paints of all. It is the most durable and washable paint as it can handle maintenance operations like scrubbing even on a daily basis. High-gloss paints are ideal for doors, shutters and cabinets. They are used for interior and outdoor wall painting in Chennai and other places, mostly near the seashores with great humidity. High-gloss finishes require prep works and have to be painted with care as they show imperfections when applied incorrectly.

Super-matte Paints

Super-matte paints have been in trend with all home services since 2021, which are even flatter than matte paints with no light-absorbing qualities. As they are muted paints rich in texture, they are ideal for walls and accents. But these are difficult to clean as they attract more dust and dirt.

Factors to Consider With Wall Painting in Chennai & Important Cities

There are a few things to consider & bear in mind before heading to the store and picking up wall paints or finishes. A few of them are weather conditions, durability, moisture and cleanability of the wall. Finishes and paints add an aesthetic value to the room and help with various functional aspects. Here is a simple guide on what to look for while painting walls.

  • The amount of traffic the space will be enduring is the primary factor considered when choosing finishes and paints. Busy areas like playrooms and kitchens require a durable paint finish like semi-gloss or stain, whereas the spaces like dining rooms can handle even flat or eggshell paints. Wall painting in Chennai and places with similar weather conditions need to withstand high moisture, humidity and extreme temperatures.
  • Paint sheens are categorized based on the lustre ranging from no shine to high-gloss finishes. The shinier the finish, the greater the light they reflect into the space. Therefore, if you want to brighten up a place or room, try investing in a higher glossy paint.
  • It is better to invest in a less reflective finish or matte paint for areas with imperfection. As less reflective paints cover up patches or nail holes, it is better to consider a less glossy finish if you are looking to mask up wall blemishes and make it appear smooth.

The Takeaway

In order to choose the right kind of wall paint for your personal space, always follow the checklist and the factors to consider, as mentioned above. With the recent advancements, two colour and dual-tone combinations will make the walls look modern and trendy. If you wish to look at the latest trends in interior paints, FastHelp home services are there to provide it for you. Bring the vision of your dreams to life with the monotone palette, which offers a perfect and flawless finish.

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