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Why Does Top Painting Service in Chennai Insist on Picking the Right Paint Colour?

Selecting the right colour for your room is just as important as choosing the right materials for its construction. Experts say that the use of colours can set moods and communicate a wide range of emotions. According to the research report by the Institute of Colour Research, people make a subconscious judgements within 90 seconds of viewing an environment or product. Colours influence nearly 76% of those assessments. Colour indeed speaks volumes.

Consider rethinking your strategy if you were about to overlook the paint colours for your home or business. If you want your house or establishment to convey what you want, paint it right. FastHelp, a leading painting service in Chennai, can help you make the right choice. In this article, FastHelp experts will discuss how colour psychology works and how to choose the right one for you.

Colours That Bring Meaning to Your Rooms

Colours can play visual tricks that make your rooms feel cheerful, calm, dramatic, or comfortable. Moreover, they can make a small room seem spacious, and a larger one seem cramped. Colour strategy and psychology also play a significant role in commercial spaces. Not only do the right colours positively impact your customers' moods, but colours can also have psychological effects on your employees and your brand name.

So, what impact does colour have on a person's perception of an environment? What are the qualities of individual colours? Should you hire painting services in Chennai to pick the right colour for your home? Get your queries answered here and explore more about colours in the following section.

The Warm, the Cool, or the Neutral- What Works Best for You?

Colours can be classified as warm, cool or neutral depending on their impact on an individual's behaviour. While warm hues like red, yellow and orange evoke strong emotions, cool hues like blue, green and purple create a calming effect. The neutral colours fall within the monochrome range from white to black and beige. In the home services industry, neutral colours are quite popular since they neutralize the strong effects of warm and cold hues. However, the psychological effect of every colour goes beyond these generalized definitions. Here is a brief look at each.

Red: Red is a vibrant and bold hue that invokes stronger emotions like action, desire, energy, excitement and passion. Red colours have also improved blood flow and increased heart rate. They also increase metabolism and stimulate hunger.

Blue: Blue is a cool tone and is widely preferred by painting services in Chennai for its ability to evoke a relaxing environment. It makes a room feel calm and serene. Blue also lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Green: The colour green represents nature and evokes a relaxing and warm environment. Studies have shown that green interior hues can relieve stress and anxiety while triggering emotions such as hope, balance, growth, and freshness.

Yellow: This cheerful, lively colour can lift anyone's spirits. The colour yellow is also known to stimulate hunger and memory.

Orange: The orange colour represents high energy, fun, enthusiasm, revitalization, optimism and upliftment. Using it as your room colour can increase energy levels.

Purple/ Indigo: Purple is a colour of wisdom, power, luxury, nobility, and spirituality. Many home repair services recommend using purple/indigo colours to bring a sense of wealth and royalty in rooms. A lighter shade also invokes relaxation and is quite popular.

Brown: Brown is the colour of earth and nature. The colour is associated with dependability and reliability. Lighter brown tones are soothing. Conversely, darker shades of brown can evoke sadness and loneliness.

Grey: Grey stands for balance and neutrality. A lighter grey shade not only imparts warmth and comfort but also has a timeless look. The darker grey shades can also be modern and chic.

Black: Associated with power, luxury, prestige and exclusivity, black colour invokes a mixed feeling upon individuals. The black colour is often used in home theatre rooms to create mystery and depth.

White: White is associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness, and health. White hues are commonly used to make rooms seem larger and spacious. They also reflect light, making them brighter and lighter.

Hiring the Best Painting Service in Chennai

If selecting the perfect colour troubles you most, experiment with many shades. Consider using more than one colour for different rooms when repainting your home. Playing with colours can help you set the perfect mood and achieve the perfect balance. FastHelp, offers expert painting service in Chennai and can also assist with all your questions about choosing the right colours for your home. Get in touch with us today!

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