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An Insight Into Common Plumbing Problems & Solutions

Plumbing problems are a major issue in every household, whether severe or minor. Issues with sewer systems can be disastrous if they are not taken care of immediately. In order to avoid any damage to the floor, wall and property, it is essential to know in detail about common plumbing problems and address them at the right time. You can resolve the problems yourself with appropriate tools and sufficient plumbing knowledge. If the problem is too difficult to handle, reach out to a professional plumber offering the best plumbing work in Chennai with quick fixes and effective solutions.

Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems Recommended by Professionals in Plumbing Work

The common plumbing problems that every household faces are elaborated on below, along with the solutions to tackle them.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem, with sediment buildup being the cause in a majority of the circumstances. If you are experiencing the same problem in your home, check the water pressure in your cold and hot water faucets as the initial step. Soaking the ends of the pipe in vinegar will help dissolve the mineral deposits in a few hours. However, if the deposit is severe, dismantle the head of the pipe, use a toothbrush that is previously soaked in vinegar and scrub the surface to loosen the mineral deposits. You can also use a toothpick to poke off the hard sediments. But in some cases, it can be a complicated problem like blocked sewer lines, pipe corrosion and hidden water leaks. If the problem is major, seek help from skilled plumbers who provide top-quality plumbing work in Chennai.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are the biggest nuisance leading to water wastage. The common reason for dripping faucets is worn out O-rings or washers, and it is possible to replace them easily. If corrosion or improper installation is the reason behind dripping faucets, reaching out to certified plumbers for the best plumbing work in Chennai will be the right solution. They will prevent water wastage by offering a quick fix to the issue.

Leaky Pipes

Bathrooms and kitchens are susceptible to leaking pipes. At times the leak goes unnoticed until it causes a severe impact on the surrounding wall, floor and furniture. A regular inspection will save time and money and help prevent the great damage it causes. Furthermore, inspections will ensure timely replacements and pipe repairs. Pipes can leak due to other issues like clogging, excessive water pressure and corrosion. Whatever the cause, it is essential to seek help from a reliable plumber who will provide the best solutions for affordable plumbing work in Chennai.

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Clogged Drainage

Slow or clogged drains will cause health hazards and plumbing disasters. If you notice that any of the drains in your home has a clogging problem, you can be sure that there is an issue in your area. Mostly clogging happens due to the buildup of soap, foreign objects and hair over time. Routine drain cleaning is the best solution to counter this problem. But if multiple drains are having a clogging issue, there might be a problem with the sewer lines. You can get complicated problems fixed properly by calling experienced plumbers who offer top-quality plumbing work in Chennai.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump failure is a common problem that a lot of people would have come across. It can cause issues with both the home's internal and external plumbing units. Mostly a sump fails because of clogged discharge pipes, stuck switches, heavy rain and improper pump installation. It is important to repair or replace pumps that have been in use for more than ten years. Get in touch with a professional plumber to sort out any sump pump failures through their effective plumbing work in Chennai.

Expert Fixes for Plumbing Issues in Older Houses

There are a few particular plumbing issues commonly noticed in older houses. Let's see what they are.

Polybutylene Pipes

During the late 70s or early 90s, the most commonly used material for pipes was polybutylene, as it was highly affordable. These pipes are very fragile and react to the contents in the water supply like disinfectants. They also react with oxidants in water and become weak and brittle over time. Eventually, they crack, and the fractures completely rupture, leading to water leakage. This is the most frustrating problem with polybutylene pipes. If you have recently invested in an old house, you will require a professional plumber's help with experience in plumbing work in Chennai to replace these pipes.

Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes were used in the 1960s and are made of iron coated with zinc. The pipe erodes and breaks over time as the zinc coating is prone to corrosion. Galvanized pipes accumulate with rust on their inner side, because of which the passage becomes small. Thus, it might lead to reduced water pressure and pipe bursts. These pipes affect the water quality and flow. Replacing the damaged section of these pipelines is the only solution to resolve the problem. In these scenarios contact plumbers who provide proficient plumbing work in Chennai.

Tips Suggested by Professionals in Plumbing Work for DIY Plumbing

We have listed a few DIY plumbing tips for you to follow without the help of professionals in plumbing work in Chennai. They are:

  1. Turn off the main water line before initiating any plumbing fix techniques.
  2. Dress appropriately to fix the problem as plumbing is a messy process which will dirty your clothes.
  3. Take the right tools and ensure that everything is ready before you begin repairing, as preparation is the key to effective plumbing.
  4. Have an expert plumber's contact number handy. Even if you have years of experience, there are many chances for things to go wrong.

Closing Remarks
Plumbing problems are very common, as mentioned above, in every home. It can be challenging to identify the real cause of the problem. Experience helps you know and anticipate what to expect with the plumbing problem, and you will be able to handle things better and seek the right solutions. FastHelp home services Chennai, with years of expertise in plumbing services will be the right choice for you if you encounter any plumbing issues in your home. We have the most trustworthy and experienced plumbers to offer quick fixes and long-term solutions for any complex plumbing problem.

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