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All You Need to Know About Borewell Recharging Methods

The water resource is a renewable source of energy! It means that it can naturally get replenished back into nature. However, overdoing anything is bad. Water resources will get depleted if we use natural groundwater at a faster pace or exploit it. This leads to various problems with irrigation and it becomes difficult to manage drought. As India’s economy depends greatly on agriculture, water is essential for us. Therefore, to meet the increasing water demands, borewell recharging techniques are the right choice through which one can extract the groundwater effectively. You can reach out to a professional borewell Chennai services to gain the best solutions.

The Ultimate Need for Recharging Borewell in Chennai

Though borewells are a solution for water problems, we are recklessly drawing it from the ground. Rainwater is the best option to revive depleted groundwater. But this process is very slow as rainwater has to seep underground through cracks and fixtures. Statistics state that only 5 to 10% of the rainfall successfully seeps into the ground back again in regions with hard rock. When rainfall is scarce, not much water will be renewed. Thus, environmental conservationists came up with a ‘Borewell Recharge’ solution. The idea is simple and employs various methods to store the rainwater successfully and then channel it towards the aquifers. Borewell recharging technique uses harvested surface water from nearby water bodies or rainfalls. The runoff water is made to pass through a natural filtration layer made of small and large stones. After this layer, the water has to pass through another layer of sand. Finally, it must perforate a borewell pipe wrapped with a fine mesh around the casing. This fine mesh removes the tiny impurities, provides better filtration, and can be installed by all home service providers in India.

Borewell Recharging Methods That Works for Any Borewell in Chennai

There are two kinds of borewell recharge methods employed widely by farmers in India. They are:

Direct Recharge

Borewell services dig a percolation pit in a direct recharge method, which is 10*10 feet. It is created around a tubewell casing pipe, and then holes or perforations are made with a drilling machine. These holes are covered with nylon mesh, ensuring that only water surpasses them. Pre-casted RCC cement rings are fixed around the casing, ensuring that the harvested water seeps to reach the nylon mesh. The area between the rings and the walls of the well is filled with materials like gravel, sand, crushed stone and jelly. In this method, the rainwater from catchment ponds is diverted into the well, where it gets filtered and continues to seep into the casing to refill the borewell. A direct borewell recharge is ideal when the borewell offers only less water or has dried completely. Therefor,e it is great for creating a borewell Chennai as most of their areas are dry due to the hot weather. Even a functioning borewell can install a direct recharge method in certain circumstances. It prevents water from getting wasted with surplus surface water. Direct borewell recharging protects groundwater contamination by preventing unfiltered surface water reach the aquifers or clogging them with toxic impurities.

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Indirect Recharge

In an indirect borewell recharging method, instead of just digging a pit around the casting, the pit is dug with a distance of 3 feet from the borewell in a 20 feet radius. The remaining processes are followed as per the direct recharge technique. The casing pipe is created with holes and covered with nylon mesh. Filtration materials are filled in the well to allow water to seep and get rid of chunk impurities. Water from the ground gets to the pipe, seeps through nylon mesh, and reaches the casing holes. An indirect recharging method is best for well-functioning borewells to ensure the continuous availability of surface water even during dry seasons. It is not a very complicated process and can be installed by any home repair service in Chennai.

Benefits of Borewell Recharge Technology

Most of the borewells have stopped working in recent times because of the extreme weather and non-stop usage. Borewell recharge technology is an innovative practice which can be installed by all home service providers to refill the ground table with sufficient rainfall. A few of its benefits are mentioned below:

  1. The water level is increased, and it works great even for dried up borewells when properly managed with rainwater harvest.
  2. Borewell recharge technology is a completely tested mechanism that involves only simple steps.
  3. Through natural filtration procedures, the water quality improves. The presence of hardness, impurities and toxic substances like fluorides are reduced tremendously.
  4. It is a cost-effective method and highly affordable for everyone as it only requires natural materials to set it up.
  5. A recharged borewell will never dry up. Thus, it is a permanent solution and keeps refilling with rainwater with every passing year.
  6. It is entirely customisable to meet the requirements of the land and site.
  7. A borewell recharge technology is an eco-friendly option and is the future for us.

The direct recharge borewell recharging method is the most desired option for irrigation and drinking. It is installed in many places because it serves areas during the driest times of the year. The direct recharge borewell mechanism is simple and easy to understand even by the common men. Most importantly, this method prevents all kinds of adverse social impacts, including population displacement and agricultural land loss. All home services can set up a direct recharge borewell that minimises the water loss due to evaporation with the best knitting design. A direct recharge method helps collect and transport water in great quantities.


Borewell recharge technology was the best initiative of the 20th century. Simultaneously, it takes care of aquifer management, stream pollution, and local legal framework. FastHelp home services specialise in several rain harvest services under a single roof. However, our borewell recharge methods are gaining more importance as we solve the problems farmers face and help with agriculture and irrigation in Chennai.

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