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A Complete Guide on Borewell Drilling

Water is an important resource and a basic component for domestic and industrial functions. People get water supply from wells and by drilling new borewells or preserving pre-existing borewells. But drilling new borewells have to meet the necessary prerequisites or techniques. In the article below, let us discuss the complete details of a borewell service in Chennai.

Everything You Need to Know About How a Borewell Service in Chennai Drills a New Borwell

Drilling a new borewell cannot be done immediately even through a professional borewell service in Chennai. It needs certain prerequisites like checking the water quality, site testing, water existence, etc. A few guidelines are followed in certain places like Chennai to commission them.

Guidelines for Commissioning a New Borewell

  1. An experienced geological diviner must survey the site assigned for drilling a new borewell.
  2. Make sure to look out for water availability on the site with the help of all home services and special instruments.
  3. The geological diviner provides reports on the grinding depth of water level.
  4. The geological diviners will suggest the best drilling techniques to suit the type of soil prevailing in the area.
  5. Handheld drilling is the most commonly used method, and when it fails, a vertical drilling machine is used.
  6. New borewell drilling charges depend on the borewell's depth, hours worked, casing pipe rates per foot, transportation charges, flushing charges, drilling charges, and labour charges. The person must be ready to pay the borewell service in Chennai immediately, which helps them proceed with the drilling job without delay.
  7. Pumps are then attached to supply power and water is stored in tanks.

Disadvantages of Drilling a New Borewell

The disadvantages associated with drilling a new borewell even with the help of a borewell service in Chennai include:

  • An impact in the geological formation of soil
  • Insufficient groundwater or water supply

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Methods to Drill a New Borewell

A new borewell can be made by any one of the following methods.

  • Augur drilling method
  • Percussion drilling method
  • DTH drilling method
  • Calyx drilling method
  • Rotary drilling method

The DTH drilling method called "Down the Hole Hammering" is used to make large or deep borewells and is the most effective method used by any borewell service in Chennai.

An in-depth Insight on Borewell Requirements

A borewell should be roughly made at a depth of 800 feet to 1700 feet. In order to get a regular water supply for domestic usage, the borewell service in Chennai must make a borewell of 4.5 to 6 inches in diameter. Whereas for commercial buildings, large apartments and agricultural purposes, the diameter must be 6.5 inches. Nowadays, most borewells are made with 6.5 inches to fulfil the increasing water supply requirements. The other borewell services related to a borewell drilling service are water divining, tube well drilling, water well drilling, robo well drilling, borewell camera scanning and short-length borewell drilling.

In order to get quotes from professional borewell contractors, follow the below steps.

  1. Gain approval from the government authorities to drill a borewell in that particular area.
  2. Get a groundwater survey done with any borewell service in Chennai and identify the best borewell drilling method.
  3. Look out for top borewell contractors through review or verified customers who have previously used their services.
  4. Request a free quote after selecting the borewell contractor who meets your needs and demands.
  5. Shortlist the borewell contractor who falls under your budget criteria and offers 24/7 customer support.

Steps Taken to Drill New Borewells by Borewell Service in Chennai

The three major steps in drilling a new borewell are:

  • Groundwater survey
  • Point identification
  • Drilling

Groundwater Survey

Lakes, streams and rivers may be the sources of underground water. The groundwater presence relies on the soil condition, topography, geological location and fauna. Permeable layers underground will help detect the water content available in the ground. Electrical resistivity techniques and seismic activity are used to find the rock formation and content of underground water. Geologists belonging to a borewell service in Chennai must understand the earth's surface, underground water sources, and climatic conditions.

Point Identification

Point identification method is also known as point selection, borewell point marking, borewell drilling point, geologist survey, and coconut point marking system. A borewell service in Chennai performs point identification by both traditional and scientific methods. Underground water is identified by the water dowsing method using Y-shaped sticks, pendulums, and coconuts. Hydrologic surveys are performed to determine water depth. The structural weakness of the earth's surface is determined with seismic refraction or airborne electromagnetic method. In certain circumstances, topography mapping is done to identify the permeable layers.

Scientific methods like electromagnetic induction survey, electrical sounding, electro-seismic method, gravity sensing and proton magnetometerinspection are also used for borewell point identification. A reliable borewell service in Chennai along with professional geologists are responsible for identifying the best methods to develop an accurate and affordable borewell drilling procedure. The charges are calculated with the geological condition of the area, and it differs survey methods used.


Borewell drilling methods are categorised based on the machines used for drilling. A professional borewell service in Chennai determines the drilling wafter analysing the rock and soil formation in the ground. The drilling method depends on:

Water source, whether it is an unpressurised or pressurised source of water.
The casing of the pipe, whether it is tube well or water well.

The major step in the borewell drilling process is when a motor and pump are fitted to the pipe. The pipe drilling is done to the level of underground water, and the other end of the pipe is carried up to level of the ground. It is fixed to a pump, and electrical connections are given. As the motor runs, it pushes the water from the underground to the tank of water placed on the ground.

The Takeaway

Everyone can get their desired results with the above techniques, prerequisites, and drilling methods mentioned. FastHelp home services are experienced in drilling borewells and will be able to suggest the best method. We will be able to handle any challenges and tackle them easily without any hiccups in the drilling process.

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