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Best Types of Woods for Making Cabinets & Doors

Cabinets and doors play a major part in deciding the interior's appearance and the building's resilience. You can get them in different styles, colours and textures. However, the materials and finishes define how long they will last. It is a technical decision, and you need to have extensive knowledge to finalise the right material. If you are not sure, reach out to a professional carpenter Chennai. They will be able to help you with a better idea about the best choice of materials for both doors and kitchen cabinets.

Best Wood for Doors Suggested by Experienced Carpenters Chennai

The woods generally used for doors are:

  • Teak
  • Sal Wood
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Medium Density Fiberboard

From the above, you can choose any wood to make a door but ensure that you season it as there are various benefits associated with the process. Seasoning is a procedure wherein the wood is dried and made to be sturdy. A professional carpenter Chennai will be able to identify a well-seasoned wood. A few tips for identifying them include: being heavy to lift, feeling silky to touch, having a dark shade, showing no signs of sagging, and having either elliptical or round grain patterns on their surface. On the contrary, non-seasoned wood makes a creaking noise when opening and closing the door and expands greatly when exposed to moisture. Seasoned timber is perfect for door frames as it can:

  • Bear the door's weight
  • Expand in the right amount
  • Absorb water or moisture
  • Support screw drilling
  • Support the carving grooves in self-locks
  • Withstand extreme weather

Best Wood for Cabinets Recommended by a Professional Carpenter Chennai

The woods that are an ideal choice for cabinets are:

  • Plywood
  • High-density & Medium-density fibreboard
  • Natural Wood

Though there are constant changes in interior design trends, wooden furniture always remains evergreen. India uses the best wood for various furniture, cupboards, cabinets, and interior work. It is long-lasting, requires minimal maintenance, and is strong compared to many other materials. When choosing the right wood for cabinets, it is essential to analyse the pros and cons of the wood. A skilled carpenter Chennai will help you make the right choice by determining whether the wood will suit your needs and requirements.

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A Deep Insight Into the Types of Wood Ideal for Making Cabinets & Doors


Teak is the most commonly used wood for making doors in India, but it is quite expensive. It has gained popularity and is widely used by any licensed carpenter Chennai because of its durable nature and its resistance to damage and decay. It is a hardwood that can withstand extreme cold and heat, ideal for making outdoor furniture. The different types of teak are:

  • Nilambur Teak
  • Adilabad Teak
  • Central Province Teak
  • Dandeli Teak
  • Nagpur Teak
  • Paratwada Teak

Teak has abundant natural oil, which remains unchanged even after cutting and processing procedures. This property of teak makes it weather-resistant and safe from parasites, fungi and dry rot.

Sal Wood

Sal wood is the second-best wood for making doors as it does not require extra layers of polish to increase its durability. It can withstand extreme damp conditions and is resistant to termites. Therefore, it is widely preferred by any certified carpenter Chennai. Sal wood has a good length and so ideal for making doors. The advantage of using sal wood is that it is less expensive than teak but its price varies according to the variety. The types of sal wood are:

  • Gum Sal
  • Indian Sal
  • Malaysian Sal
  • Red Sal
  • White Sal

Sal wood is easy to maintain as it is resistant to various external factors. However, keeping sal wood away from direct sunlight is recommended as any direct exposure to the sun causes the wood to crack.


Cedarwood is an excellent wood with a brilliant finish, which is best with the staining process. It is strong and thus used to make doors and wooden cabinets. The advantage of using cedar wood is that it has a natural fragrance which repels insects. It contains an ingrained oil, making it resistant to weather, bacteria and fungus. Cedar is the best choice to suit the Indian tropical climate and requires very little maintenance. Thus, it will be recommended by any expert carpenter Chennai to make doors and other furniture varieties.


Plywood, unlike the other wood materials, is man-made. It is also called engineered wood, created by glueing layers of wood veneers. Plywood can be produced in various thicknesses and coated with thermofoil or plastic laminates. The extra coating offers better protection against moisture and termites and is hence the choice of any skilled carpenter Chennai for making cabinets. The other advantages of plywood are that they:

  1. Are less prone to damage.
  2. Do not crack, warp or shrink.
  3. Are highly affordable and work out very cheap compared to teak or sal wood.
  4. Are capable of holding heavyweights.
  5. Are stronger than the remaining engineered woods.
  6. Are light in weight.

High-density & Medium-density Fibreboards

High-density and medium-density fibreboards are other kinds of engineered wood varieties. However, HDF is a higher grade of wood as it is denser and harder when compared to MDF. Both the woods are created with fibres and small wood particles. HDF and MDF are compressed with heat and high pressure and then glued together with resin. The reasons why any professional carpenter Chennai prefers HDF and MDF over the other materials for making doors and cabinets are:

  1. They have smooth surfaces, which makes it easy to create designs.
  2. They are economical as they cost 20% less than the regular plywood.
  3. They are sustainable options as they are produced from the leftover wooden fragments.
Closing Remarks

With in-depth knowledge about the types of wood and their significance, you will be able to make the right choice while engaging in any construction. When it comes to doors and cabinets, the wood types mentioned above are the best as they have certain properties that suit the required purpose. FastHelp home services Chennai have the most efficient carpenters to provide great guidance while choosing door and cabinet materials. You can reach out to us without hesitation and get the best carpentry service at an affordable rate.

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