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An Ultimate Guide to Types of Carpentry Work

Wood is the natural resource with which humans create so many things. We have been making weapons, building ships, and elevating castles for centuries, and therefore carpentry is an integral part of our evolution. In today's world, a professional carpenter service in Chennai creates house interiors, furniture and many other structures we use in our daily lives. With so many different types of carpentry, you might not know what to choose for the type of work you are looking for. By understanding them in detail, you will learn how to reach out to the right carpenter who will be able to meet your needs.

Role of a Carpenter Service in Chennai

Carpenters are people who make a layout and design the parts before commencing the job. They interpret drawings and then create them. For consultations also, you can seek their help, as they will analyze and determine how to execute the job with great efficiency. There are a few carpenters who perform repair and maintenance work. Carpenters are experts in cutting, shaping, joining, and fixing wood as they have great stamina and strength. Most importantly, an expert carpenter service in Chennai will be able to guide you to quality materials and tools used in carpentry at a reasonable price.

Two Types of Carpenter Service in Chennai

There are two major categories of carpenters. They are:

Rough Carpenters

Rough carpenters are called framers who build the framework in any building structure. They construct walls, floors, and roofs, which are the skeleton of any building. Rough carpenters ensure that the foundation level of any house is built with precision as their job is to study the blueprints. Any professional carpenter service in Chennai will hire only the finest of the rough carpenters for commercial and residential project work to provide the best carpentry service without any flaws.

Finish Carpenters

Finish carpenters are the ones who finish the job done by the rough carpenters. They install drywall, windows, crown molding, stairs, and other essential elements of a house or building to make it look complete.You can reach out to expert home services for highly qualified finish carpenters who work at flexible timings.

Sub-categories of Carpenter Service in Chennai

Carpenters or carpentry services are furthermore divided into sub-categories and they are:

Rough Carpentry

Carpenters who specialize in construction, planning, maintenance, and building structures fall under this category. They do not take up household improvements. But they build roofs and frames and perform house repairs. A professional carpenter service in Chennai always necessitates cost-effectiveness and structural integrity. Rough carpenters focus more on quickly assembling the building pieces and are considered one of the popular types of carpenters.

Joister Carpentry

Joister carpenters involve in floor finishing processes. They use sophisticated methods to lay joists on the floor. Just like rough carpentry, these carpenters also render elaborate work to create the most stable and durable floor. Any good joister carpenter service in Chennai concentrates on creating a polished floor using several latest techniques and procedures.

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Trim Carpentry

Trim carpenters create room moldings and trims. These carpenters do not settle with any material or construction methods. They are always highly talented and make preferences in choosing raw materials for their work. Cornices, architraves, mantles, and skirting boards are their area of specializations. Reach out to a trim carpenter service in Chennai for any exclusive designing of the above-mentioned parts of a building.This carpentry is further divided into:

  1. Environmentally friendly- When the carpentry tasks are environmentally sustainable, they are known as green carpentry. It involves conservation-oriented construction techniques, using alternative types of wood, and incorporating ecologically friendly features like gardens.
  2. Scenic scene- The branch of carpentry which focuses on creating scenic structures is called scenic carpentry. These professionals create sound structures with a variety of functions that emphasize aesthetics as per the client's requirements.

Cabinet Carpentry

Carpenters who make cabinets are known as cabinet makers, and they specialize in making cabinets for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. A highly talented carpenter service in Chennai is capable of making exclusive patio and indoor furniture sets.

Ship Carpentry

Ship carpenters build and construct ships both cosmetically and structurally to meet the clients' requirements. They create modern ship components for boats, cruise liners, and freight ships. A ship carpenter service in Chennai helps reproduce and service previously built ships.


Framers are carpenters specializing in the construction of frames and other similar structures for a home. These people differ from rough carpenters as they have expertise in sole framing jobs and are employed only on a contract basis or for one-off projects. You can reach out to a highly experienced framer through a good carpenter service in Chennai for constructing frames for your homes.


Roofers are carpenters who specialize in the construction, design, and maintenance of trusses, beams, and rafters, which are the primary component of the roof of any building. While seeking help from an expert carpenter service in Chennai, a rafter will verify that the roof of the building is structurally solid both on the outside and inside. They ensure that the durability is preserved to meet the clients' demands. Roofers are different from rough carpenters because roofers only do roof-related carpentry, whereas rough carpenters concentrate on roofing and framing.

Residential Carpentry

Carpenters belonging to residential carpentry build new homes or remodel the prevailing ones. If you are looking to get professional help with constructing new homes, contact a reliable residential carpenter service in Chennai.

Commercial Carpentry

Commercial carpenter service in Chennai is found in plenty as there are numerous office buildings. Carpenters who work in malls, offices, retail, stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings are commercial carpenters.

Industrial Carpentry

Carpenters working on dams, sewer projects, and tunnel bracing are called industrial carpenters. If you want experienced industrial carpenters, contact a reputed carpenter service in Chennai as they always hire carpenters only after carefully verifying their skills.

The Bottom-line
You can now approach the right carpentry service after gaining in-depth knowledge of the available types of carpenters. FastHelp home services provide all types of carpentry services with renowned carpenters who offer quality service at affordable rates.

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