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The Need to Understand Colour Codes on Electrical Wires

Before commencing any wiring project, it is better to understand the purposes of various electrical wires by learning about the diverse electrical colour codes and colours. Every colour specifies the functionality of the wire in an electrical circuit. They differentiate between the neutral, hot and ground wires. All electrical wires will carry electric current, so it is essential to handle them with caution. Complete information about the wires ensures safety, and electrical services in Chennai take steps to maintain and repair parts of the electrical system.

Various Wire Colours Used by Electrical Services in Chennai

Black Electrical Wires

Black electrical wire’s main function is to act as a link between a switch to an electrical load and transfer power from switches to outlets in various circuits. Therefore, they and are considered to be live always. Several electrical services in Chennai install black electrical wires in residential complexes. They cannot be used as a ground or neutral wires as their main purpose is to carry the live electrical currents across.

Red Electrical Wires

Red wires are referred to as secondary live wires found in switch legs. Ceiling fans have red wires near the light switches. Additional features of red wires are connecting the hardwired smoke detectors to a home’s electrical system. Electrical services in Chennai link two red wires or a red wire with a black one to make it work effectively.

Blue & Yellow Electrical Wires

Blue and yellow electrical wires are ideal for outlet wiring purposes. They are referred to as travellers as they conduct current from switches to poles. Blue and yellow wires are used throughout a conduit as live wires. Professional electrical services in Chennai use yellow wires as switch legs for structural lights and ceiling fans. Yellow and blue wires are carriers of a single current circuit for three-way or four-way switches. It is well-known for multiple switches and plays a significant role in our lives.

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White & Gray Electrical Wires

White and grey are neutral wires which usually connect the neutral bus bar within the electric panel throughout the facility. The neutral bus bar is the conductive piece of metal attracting the electric current for distribution. It is possible to connect the white and grey electrical wires one to another, and they help return the current to the power source. Though they are called neutral wires, they still carry current mainly when the circuit is unbalanced. Therefore, it is necessary to handle these wires with care and caution as they have the potential to produce an electric shock when mishandled. It is essential to contact home repair services to maintain and check white and grey wires frequently.

Green Electric Wires

Green electric wires connect to a grounding terminal from the outlet box in an electrical panel and run to the ground bus bar. The green wires are utilised as protective measures making the circuit shock-proof and safe. As they follow the ground bus bar, when a live wire accidentally comes into contact with a conductor, green wires will transfer the additional current safely into the ground. They act as a fail-safe when live wires touch metal or anything conductive within the circuit. For example, when any electric appliance trips due to a malfunction, green wires will make an escape route for the current and transport it away from the person operating it. These wires can connect to other green wires, and if there is a fault in the circuit, you have to be extra cautious as they could be live. Therefore, always seek help from electrical services in Chennai in times of any defect with the electrical system.

Benefits of Colour-coded Wires

Colours in wires benefit us in many ways. Let us discuss how.

  1. Colour grabs the attention, and there is no denial of this fact. As coloured wires command more visual attention, it is best to produce and use coloured electrical wires. It is of great importance to electrical services in Chennai as colours in wires allow them to know how power moves within electric circuits.
  2. Certain colours alert for danger and thus increase safety. Prevention is always better when handling electric appliances, as it could take years for the body to recover when it encounters a high-magnitude electrical surge. A red electrical wire, also called a hot wire, may lower the risk of burns, electrocution, shocks, and fires.
  3. Colour in electric wires imparts a better memory performance. We remember colours better as they play a major role in storing information effectively in the memory system. This helps people relate to the purposes of coloured wires by just seeing them.
  4. Colours in wires help in reducing accidental outages. When wired are identified incorrectly in commercial and industrial facilities, it can lead to unexpected downtime because of mishaps. Thus, coloured wires create a reliable system.
  5. The repair charges will always be huge when a wrong wire is cut. A power outage may cause lost sales and missed transactions. Thus, the usage of coloured wires can save any business in the long run.

Coloured Wires for Residences by Electrical Services in Chennai- Learn Why

It is recommended to install the electrical system in every house with colour codes to identify their functioning and precautions. By understanding the electric wire colours and codes, a person will be able to venture into the world of DIY repairs in a home scenario. Following colour standards helps in making a circuit function properly. There are a few other wirings like striped, bare copper, etc. They have a variety of purposes but are not widely used and so considered least important by most of the electrical services in Chennai. Bare copper wires help connect outlets, switches, fixtures, and metal appliance frames. Coloured wires decrease the risks associated with property damage. When fire accidents occur, the damage to life and resources is tremendous. Therefore, coloured wires lower the risk by ensuring that the circuits are connected properly.

Electrical wires always carry current, and therefore, it is important to treat every wire irrespective of its colour with equal care. FastHelp home services provide qualified professionals to ensure that every electrical system is handled safely.

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