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The Electrical System- Parts, Maintenance & More

Electricity is a basic necessity in every home. When a power failure or complication arises, it is essential to know an electrical system's basic components to seek the right solutions. An in-depth understanding will avoid electrical accidents, so it is recommended to reach out to reliable electricians in Chennai during times of emergency. An extensive guide on how the basic electric system works is given below.

All You Need to Know About an Electrical System

An electrical system is always installed during the construction process so that the wiring is safe from various external dangers. The internal wiring process makes it more challenging when there is a need to alter electrical components later in life. This leads to increased chances of damaging the wall when trying to locate the wiring. Thus, the need for qualified electricians in Chennai arises. The electrical system has many parts which work together to provide a convenient and safe operation with many appliances in our day-to-day life. There are two types of services, and they are:

  • Overhead service line
  • Underground service line

Electrical System- How do Electricians in Chennai Work?

While laying the electrical system, every electrician ensures to follow the steps discussed here. The overhead service line enters a Weatherhead and reaches the meter through a conduit. The underground service line goes up through the conduit from its location and reaches the meter. Once the line leaves the meter, it moves to the breaker box. The breaker box is also referred to as the service panel. The electricity is divided into smaller lines inside the breaker box and travels to various electrical system parts. In a few cases, the line reaches the sub-panels from the breaker box when more circuits are present for minor electrical functions. Electricians in Chennai provide electrical connections for any number of appliances and domestic and industrial facility requirements.

Every small line in the service panel is provided with a breaker, a switch to disconnect when something goes wrong. It happens when the system draws more power beyond the limit that it can handle. If something goes wrong with the electrical system, home repair services are the best choice to handle the situation. The electricity will pass through the wiring from the breaker to the spaces where it has to be used. Wiring is responsible for carrying current to the electrical boxes and appliances. These are in turn fitted with receptacles, switches or junctions. The junction is where the electricity is sent in a different direction to end with the switch. Thus, the system comes to life when the switch is turned on.

Electrical Components Used by Electricians in Chennai

The functioning of an electrical component serves important purposes in the entire electrical system's functioning.

Electric Meter

The cables extend to connect with the meter, between the main cables and the facility that requires electricity. A meter records the electricity usage and is responsible for generating bills. Thus, a meter works when the facility uses electricity, and it is the responsibility of electricians in Chennai to install it without fail.

Disconnect Switch

A disconnect switch is always mounted near the meter. This switch can cut off the power to the facility. The disconnect switch is used only during emergencies or repairs and maintenance. But certain facilities do not have a disconnect switch, and in such circumstances, the power from the main circuit breaker turns off. Electricians in Chennai come to the rescue when there is no disconnect switch to solve the problem.

Main Service Panel

When the electricity passes the meter and the disconnect switch, it gets distributed evenly to devices and appliances that need power. The main service panel is responsible for receiving the metered current. Therefore, it has a single large cable that distributes the power to several circuits in the facility. Most importantly, the service panel is fitted with a breaker by electricians in Chennai to cut off the flow of current when excess power flows through the service panel.


Sub-panels are smaller service panels with fewer breakers linked to the main service panel. Certain buildings install them with the help of electricians in Chennai when an outbuilding is added to the property. Sometimes, sub-panels are installed when a backup generator is wired into the facility's electrical system.

Main Circuit Breaker

The main service panel has a large main circuit breaker. The switch controls the electricity to the circuit breaker, which acts as a disconnect switch. Thus, a facility's electrical system depends on the main circuit breaker without a disconnect switch. The difference is that the disconnect switch cuts off the power supply from the outside, whereas the main circuit breaker cuts off the power supply from the inside. Seek help from electricians in Chennai to check the main circuit breaker at frequent intervals to ensure the efficient functioning of the entire electrical system.

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Branch Circuit Breakers

Branch circuit breakers get power from the main circuit breaker, and each breaker controls the current flow to the branch circuit. When the breaker is turned off, it shuts down the power supply to all devices in that circuit. The breaker is used for safety purposes which automatically trips off when there is an electrical issue like overload. Therefore, to ensure safety, electricians in Chennai check on the branch circuit breakers' efficiency from time to time.


Outlets are points where the devices and appliances are plugged in. They supply power through the cord that is in-built with the device. Usually, each circuit has several outlets which power various devices like phone chargers, televisions and lamps. In a household facility, electricians in Chennai install 15 to 20 amp outlets, whereas they are 30-50 amps for high-demand appliances.


Wirings are the major component for any electricity supply as it passes the current from the main service panel to various devices and circuits in the facility. There are various wiring types like conduit concealed wirings, non-metallic cables and Bx cables. Conduits are plastic tubing that protects the insulated cables. Thus, conduits are installed for outdoor appliances, garages and sheds by electricians in Chennai, where the wiring must be safe from external factors. The non-metallic cables are suitable for secured areas not exposed to mechanical damage or excess heat. Bx cables are wires concealed within an aluminium sheath or flexible steel, and so they are damage-resistant.

The Takeaway

Learning the basics of the electrical system will help one make informed decisions on how to install energy-efficient electrical systems. Knowledge of the working of an electrical system in any facility will be useful to face an electrical emergency. Without understanding the necessary details about electricity, it becomes hard even to operate home appliances. FastHelp home services help address any electrical problem in your space quickly and efficiently. We also provide top-quality service at a competitive price.

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