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Reasons to Consider Electrical Rewiring for Your Home

Do you know what causes residential fires? Faulty wiring is the main reason most fire accidents take place. As time passes, old houses have a higher risk of developing hazardous and damaged wires. It is not safe to use these wires for modern appliances and if you have invested in an old house, consider rewiring to prevent any unwanted situations. If you don't upgrade your system, you might have trouble with home insurance as certain companies will demand a higher premium or refuse to offer coverage. Reach out to professional electrical services in Chennai to rewire your system to ensure safety.

Signs That Expert Electrical Services Consider as Indications for Rewiring

If you don't act fast when there is a need for rewiring, it might lead to life-threatening fire accidents. Therefore, it is always essential to look for signs indicating the need for an electrical system update. A few of the common signs include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Regular fuse blow-ups
  • Dim lights
  • Tingling sensation while touching switches
  • Burning smell
  • Slight passage of electricity in appliances

Most of the time, when these signs go unnoticed, it leads to bigger problems. It is highly recommended to hire the best electrical services to check the systems from time to time and ensure that everything is working right. You can also ask for opinions from certified electricians if your house is very old. Consider rewiring if you want to be safe and prevent fire accidents.

Risks Involved in Not Replacing Old Wiring

As electrical wirings are very sensitive, even the slightest mistakes can trigger a major fire accident. Wires belonging to the 70s and 80s or faulty wires are the most common cause of residential fires. Another major cause of mishaps are aluminium wires. We widely use copper wires in today's world as it is safer than aluminium and stays in good form for longer duration. Aluminium tends to develop gaps with time, encouraging the electricity to pass through sockets and outlets. Most importantly, these gaps developed between the connectors and wiring can become overheated, thereby leading to fire. Thus, if you still have aluminium wires, it is high time you get them updated. Contact experienced electricians to get reliable electrical services in Chennai and safeguard your home with the right wiring system.

Things to Consider Before Contacting Professional Electrical Services to Change the Wiring

If you are thinking of upgrading your electrical wiring, have in mind that it will not be a cakewalk. You will have to consider a few factors before ensuring that everything is done right. Rewiring is easy in a new house where nobody is residing. But if there are too many things around, it will be challenging doing the rewiring procedure. The essential factors to consider before contacting professional electrical services are:

Get Permission

If you are not the house owner, you cannot perform electrical work in the house on your own. You will have to get the owner's consent or consult with the building department and apply for the changes you would like to make. After inspection, the authority will permit you to go ahead, and in certain cases, they may assist by providing leads to the best electrical services.

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Proper Planning & Guidance

Rewiring is a process which cannot be performed overnight. It needs proper planning and utmost guidance from licensed electricians or electrical services. You cannot perform it by yourself as it might cause a threat to the entire safety of the house. Therefore, consult with professionals, list all you need to change and then get the work done.

Wall Reconstruction

After creating a solid plan, electrical services start the wiring process by digging through the house's walls. While removing the old wiring, the exterior surface of the wall will be left with numerous holes. If the house is not painted, performing electrical wiring won't be a big deal. After completing the entire work, you can easily paint the walls and finish the entire work. However, if you consider rewiring in other houses, you have to be prepared to work on the walls later as they get ruined by the wiring procedures.

Changing Outlets

The electrical wirings are fed with outlets, which pass through the sockets that we plugin. If you remove the wiring, you will also have to remove the sockets. Although you can reuse the old outlets, certified electrical services in Chennai always use advanced or new sockets for best results.

New Cable Location

Instead of causing any major disturbance to the walls, people might consider installing the new wires in the same place as the old wires. However, it becomes impossible in most scenarios, and so you have to consider and pre-plan where to set the new wires. Professional electrical services in Chennai will give ideas on how and where to place the new wires, making the job simple and easy.

Drilling New Holes

Once the electrical services develop the plan and fix the location to run the new wires, drilling holes on the wall will be a default procedure. This is why one should consider performing a wiring process before moving into a home. Even if people do not have a problem with repainting the walls, the drilling causes a lot of noise and cannot be tolerated by many people.

Old Electrical Equipment Replacement

While working with the electrical wiring, it is always best to change and replace the old equipment. In most cases, the old panels do not support the plugs of the new home appliances. Therefore, it is always best to consider replacing the outdated outlets with the latest ones available in the commercial market. Most importantly, qualified electrical services in Chennai recommend replacements as old equipment do not have proper insulators. Improper insulators increase the risk of overheating, eventually leading to a fire accident.

The Bottom-line

Most people avoid electrical repairs and rewiring as it involves a lot of work. But if you want to ensure safety, always consider revamping your wires as mentioned above. FastHelp home services Chennai have highly skilled and qualified electricians to provide the best rewiring services with great dedication and commitment.

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