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All That One Should Do Before Getting Professional Cleaning Help

Tired of cleaning your house? Get help from a professional house cleaning service Chennai to give you extra time away from the daily chores. But does that mean that you have to leave the place unorganized? It’s a big no! You have to follow certain etiquette before letting a cleaning service take over the place. Read through the article to know what you should be doing before the cleaner arrives.

Why Should You Reach Out to an Expert House Cleaning Service Chennai?

The most common reason house owners reach out to a professional cleaner is because they get tired of their busy day-to-day schedules. A few people find it difficult to manage their careers, take care of kids, and do household chores simultaneously. Trying to balance everything turns out to be overwhelming and stressful. Thus, a good house cleaning service Chennai will be able to solve the problem of creating a spik and span space without letting people compromise on their job and family.

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What to Expect From a House Cleaning Service Chennai?

You can expect certain things from a house cleaning service Chennai, but there are a few cleaning jobs that they don’t do. By knowing what they offer and what they do not, you can be well-prepared to make the most use of the appointment time. The jobs they perform are:

  • Sweeping the floor
  • Mopping the flop
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Dusting furniture & wall-hangings
  • Cleaning counter tops
  • Scrubbing bathrooms
  • Cleaning the exterior of appliances

The cleaning jobs which they do not perform are:

  • Washing the dishes
  • Cleaning the inside of refrigerators
  • Doing laundry
  • Wiping the windowsills and blinds
  • Changing the bedsheets
  • Cleaning pet litters

However, you can get the jobs mentioned above done as an extra service as they usually are not covered in the regular cleaning or home services package. You can either get the work done by the same cleaning service professionals or reach out to other home cleaning services.

Things to do Before a House Cleaning Service Chennai Arrives

Picking-up Household Items

The house cleaner is responsible for deep-cleaning the surfaces of the residing space. If you tidy up the house and cleanup the clutter, it will help them make the best use of their time cleaning instead of organizing. Thus, picking up the household items by yourself will ensure that you maximize the cleaning time and get the best of the service. When you do the basic organizing before the house cleaning service Chennai walk-in, they will be able to get into deep cleaning directly. But if you leave things around, the cleaners have to first pick them up, clean under them, place them back in their spot and then move to the next job, which will easily eat away an hour or so.

Designating Spaces for Misplaced Stuff

Part of picking up household items ensures that the valuables in your house are safe and secure. If there are going to be important papers lying on the ground or in random areas, the cleaner cannot determine whether it has to go to the trash or has to be retained in a safe place. Therefore, it is best to sort documents or valuable belongings well in advance to prevent them from getting misplaced. If you find it difficult to organize everything due to a shortage of time, assign a spot for the house cleaning service Chennai to leave the items they are unsure of. By doing so, you will be sure that things are not moved around and do not go missing.

Securing Pets in a Safe Place

Securing pets in an enclosed space before the cleaners reach the spot is essential. You can communicate with the house cleaning service Chennai beforehand to know whether the allotted cleaner will be okay with pets. This will eliminate unnecessary anxiety and stress during the time of cleaning. But if the cleaning service does not have an option to find out the temperament of the cleaner, it is better to look for alternatives. You can arrange a stay for your pet at a friend’s place or book a grooming session. If your pet turns aggressive on seeing strangers, it is best to keep them locked or out of sight of the cleaners.

Tidying Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen counters are often crowded with too many things, making them difficult to clean. In order to make the job easy for house cleaning service Chennai it is better to place all the products which are scattered outside into a basket. The basket can be stashed under any available space and recovered once the cleaning process is over.

Identifying & Prioritizing Things

You can instruct the cleaner to focus more on the areas that require special attention. As you know your home the best, you should let them know the spots or places that need extra time to clean. You can also make a list of chores based on their importance from your point of view. The professional cleaners will know the most demanding tasks by looking at the list and thus spend more time cleaning them with extra care. Another essential thing to do before the house cleaning service Chennai enters is to check whether there are any broken items. In this way, you will be sure if the cleaner is to be held responsible for any damaged item. If you have any allergies to cleaning supplies, inform the agent before they get started. Most importantly, if you are very particular about how things have to be cleaned, provide them with the necessary tools and equipment to clean the house. In this way, you can be sure of no contamination.

Wrapping It Up

Professional cleaners will not judge you as they see all kinds of people and houses. You can stay during the cleaning service or hand over the house keys to the cleaners. However, if you cannot stay with them, it is best to give proper instructions so that the work is not compromised. FastHelp home services provide on-time and affordable cleaning service with the best cleaning professionals ensuring quality work.

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