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All You Need to Know About Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Have you ever wondered whether there is a difference between residential and commercial plumbing services? Most of us do not directly deal with the plumbing problem, so we do not pay more attention to these facts. However, it is essential to know about the two types of professional plumbing services to address the plumbing issues correctly. When working in a commercial building in big cities like Chennai, a small plumbing issue is enough to blow-up the entire workplace's efficiency. In this article, let us see the difference between the two types of plumbing services.

Dissimilarities in the Professional Plumbing Services

Usage of Pipes & Fixtures

In metropolitan cities like Chennai, the plumbing system, which is used more in day-to-day life, is commercial plumbing as they have more working population and bigger firms. Commercial buildings have many pipes, fixtures, and outlets compared to residential buildings. Businesses and workplaces must provide a greater number of toilets to their clients and employees. Whereas residential buildings have no such demand. Thus, commercialprofessional plumbing services spaces definitely need the help of professional plumbing services in case of any issue. Another factor is that commercial fixtures' grading, durability, and size differ from residential ones.

Building Complexity

The piping system is simple to navigate in a residential building but complicated in a commercial building. It is difficult to render home repair services in places like Chennai, where commercial sectors have multiple floors with numerous sinks and toilets. Thus, plumbers who serve the commercial systems must be more experienced in handling unexpected events and complexities.

Potential for Damages

The intensity of damage increases in commercial facilities than in residential buildings. This is because the level of disaster multiplies with a small problem in commercial buildings. Whereas in a house, even if a pipe bursts, it will require only a minimum amount of home repair services.

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Health Issues

Workplaces are compelled to maintain extremely clean plumbing as customers from various cadres visit it. Restaurants and other commercial places associated with food need to follow a strict healthcare law to ensure high hygiene. Therefore, professional plumbing services are different and challenging in commercial facilities.


The efficiency of the whole commercial system drops when a problem arises in plumbing. If one of the toilets gets clogged at home, we use the alternative toilet until the problem is resolved through home repair services. But in a huge workplace in cities like Chennai with multiple storey buildings, even if a single toilet has a problem, it will affect many people. So, when a plumbing problem arises in a commercial sector, it has to be addressed and fixed fast.

Residential Plumbing Vs. Commercial Plumbing

  • Residential plumbers spend most of their time inside the house, servicing a small area. Whereas commercial plumbers work with large buildings, address various plumbing areas, and thus work in a bigger area.
  • Communication is easy with residential plumbers as they have to deal only with the property owners. Plumbers have to deal with mediators in commercial buildings and go through insurance coverage, in-depth licensing, etc.
  • When clearing a drain at a residential place, it is easy to address the problem with home repair services. In contrast, a single problem impacts the entire plumbing system in commercial spaces. It becomes complicated and time-consuming if there are unexpected complimentary issues.
  • Finding a leak in a home is very easy as it is a small connected system. There are only a few places where leaks can originate and can be effortlessly repaired. On the other hand, detecting the leak's source in a huge commercial property is a real challenge. When different people or companies occupy the building on each floor, the task becomes a nightmare for the commercial plumber.
  • Whether it is big or small, a residential building has the same building code. But commercial properties have different building codes depending on their business. Thus, it is the job of the commercial plumber to find out everything about building codes. To put in simple words, a commercial plumber must be a jack-of-all-trades.
  • A single plumber will be able to take care of plumbing problems in a residential space. Whereas in a commercial building in cities like Chennai, several plumbers have to be assigned to look into different aspects of the plumbing system.

Advantages of Professional Plumbing Services in Commercial Sectors

The common plumbing problems are dysfunctional toilets and leaky pipes. In commercial buildings, these issues double with greater repercussions. Commercial sectors cannot shutdown their operations or workplaces for a plumbing issue. Therefore, when any plumbing emergency arises, it eventually affects work productivity. Professional plumbing services come to the rescue during such unpleasant events and provide huge benefits. They are:

  • Commercial plumbers help improve the general conditions by promptly identifying the issues in sewer lines or drains. In a commercial building, the plumbing system is used more often than in homes, leading to more clogging with mineral deposits and fossilized grease. Thus, commercial plumbers work on removing it by finding the cause and area of the problem.
  • The pipes in many commercial buildings are not up-to-date as most workplace buildings are old. In such instances, when health and safety are compromised with an outdated plumbing system, commercial plumbing services upgrade the framework of the building. When the building is unsafe for workers, there are possibilities for governments to take legal action against them. Therefore, professional plumbing services must be approached to replace the pipes and gas lines, assisting every small plumbing issue.
  • Commercial plumbing services in Chennai fix water issues too. There are on-site specialists with technical knowledge to fix leakages, hard water deposits, weakened water pressure, etc. By hiring a good commercial plumber, the entire infrastructure of the business can be made efficient and smooth.

Summing It Up
It is highly advised to hire professional plumbing services when handling any plumbing problem. Be it residential or commercial, only a knowledgeable plumber will be able to render service seamlessly. FastHelp home services provide the finest plumbers for commercial and residential sectors with great knowledge and experience.

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