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Pleated Mosquito Nets: How are they helpful?

Retractable insect screen is fixed on the window and a woman is trying open it.
October 26, 2022
FastHelp Team


Everyone dislikes the nuisance created by mosquitoes in-home or at the office. The pleated nets are one good, effective, long-lasting solution against this pesky insect. It is a hard mesh that also allows natural light and fresh breeze to enter but restricts the entry of insects, mainly mosquitoes. You can learn more about pleated mosquito nets and their benefits in this article.

Pleated mosquito nets: What are they?

Pleated mosquito nets are modern and next-generation protective nets. It looks like a screen with pleats that unfold as you slide it to open or close. This protective mesh is made of wires of steel or aluminium, which are woven to form a hard mesh sheet. It is used not only for windows but also for doors, and lets in air and sunlight inside but prevents the entry of flying insects, mainly the blood-sucking mosquito.

Mosquitoes cause life-threatening diseases as they are carriers of many deadly diseases. You must keep a check on their entry into your living space. Summers are the time when mosquitoes annoy the most. They enter your space through doors and windows. Using repellents, zappers, and vaporisers does not prove that effective in stopping them from entering. There has to be some permanent solution to this problem. The best way to eradicate them is to stop them at the source while they try to enter your premises.

Pleated nets are detachable and foldable. Due to this flexibility, they provide complete protection from insects, pollutants, and dust particles, thereby protecting your office and home from the entry of foreign elements. The screens are sliding and easy to keep intact in the windows/doors. It can be easily fixed in your limited, small space and is easy to maintain. These pleated net screens facilitate fresh air entering your house free of any insects. These innovative screens can also be used as detachable screens at large open or french doors.

Pleated mosquito nets look modern and decorative. Moreover, it can be effortlessly used by children and older people without any technicality. No or minimum effort is required to open or close the sliding screens. When not in use, it can be stored to keep it neat, clear, and away from damage.

What are the benefits of using pleated mosquito nets?

Pleated mosquito nets have many benefits, varying from protection against insects to aesthetic improvements. Let us have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Keeps insects away - Pleated mosquito nets are efficient in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away.
  • Requires no technical skills for operation - These screens are foldable and designed in a way that is easy to use by people of all ages.
  • Lets natural light in - Pleated screens allow an adequate amount of light to come in a while restricting insects.
  • Provides natural view -Doors have a tendency to block the view or the air passage, but pleated screens facilitate both.
  • Saves energy and provides good ventilation - If your doors and windows have pleated nets fixed, you can enjoy good air ventilation while saving energy and extra electricity costs.
  • Children-friendly- Pleated nets are safe to use for children. It requires no special or technical ways to open or close the screen. There is a pulley system that children can easily access by simply drawing the string hanging at the sides.
  • Provides sophisticated look - With all other benefits, pleated mosquito nets provide a modern and sophisticated look. The design is made to blend with the decor.
  • Fits even in limited Space - Flexible and adjustable, it can be made to fit in the limited space available.
  • Suits all kinds of doors - Pleated mosquito net frames are made to blend with large or french doors easily. Hence, it is compatible with all sorts of doors or windows.
  • Can be customised - The pleated screens are customisable to match the decor of your home or office. It is available in several designs and colours to suit your style.
  • Requires no fancy maintenance - These screens require no or minimum maintenance. The material used is such that they do not rust and can be used for a longer time.

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What is the functionality of pleated mosquito nets?

The pleated nets fit in all types of doors and windows. Their flexibility and benefits attract many people. The most important feature of allowing air and light without letting mosquitoes is loved by many. Install pleated mosquito nets in the doors and windows and enjoy summers with the fresh air breeze in the evening without letting in mosquitoes. You can enjoy outside weather free of other pests or mosquitoes in winter and the rainy season.

The wired mesh has a solid construction. It is made of Aluminium metal (6063 alloys) in frames of several colour options. The screen has PP+PE wired mesh. The operation of the screen is very easy. It can be pulled from top to bottom by pulling the strands provided at the sides. It also provides protection from gusty and strong winds along and heavy rain.

Maintenance of pleated mosquito nets 

The pleated nets fixed on the doors and windows do not require any special maintenance. You can clean it with soapy water and a sponge to clear the mesh's blockages if they have trapped any dust particles, allowing easy passage of air and sunlight.


Pleated mosquito nets are the need of the hour and the most convenient way to protect your premises from these pesky creatures. These innovative screens restrict mosquitos' entry and prevent other insects and dust particles from entering your space. A functional wired screen with multiple benefits is available in different colours. Contact Fast Help for assistance in installing pleated mosquito nets.

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