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How to Choose the Best Office Cleaning Service for your Business?

A house cleaning professional is polishing the hard floor with the help of movable cleaning machine in an office.
October 20, 2022
FastHelp Team

The offices and other commercial spaces are reopening after a long time, so the demand for disinfecting and cleaning services is growing at a fast pace. Recent study reveals that 83 per cent of the businesses are very keen in keeping their office premises clean post covid, as it is the most essential now.

Maintaining hygiene at the office affects the functioning of any business. Clean office premises enhance the productivity of the employee and gives a positive message to your clients and customers. For this reason, hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean up your office space is very crucial. In this article, we will share a few points you must know before hiring a cleaning professional and help you to choose the best cleaning service in Chennai.

Benefits of Teaming up with the Best Cleaning Service Professionals for Your business

Providing a clean work environment is something every company should prioritise on. A good and clean atmosphere enhances your employee's productivity, keeps up the office morale, thus improving the work culture.

The appearance of the office or workspace talks a lot about the office culture. Clean and tidy premises will leave a good impression on their clients. If you don't take care of your facility, you might send the wrong vibes to potential consumers or clients. Thus, there is no harm in saying that the first impression is the last.

Outsourcing or hiring commercial cleaning services is essential for a reputed business firm as it can:

  • Help to make a positive impression.
  • Offers good negotiation.
  • Boosts employee efficiency.
  • Motivates employees to work.
  • Ensures no or fewer sick leaves

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Cleaning Professionals For Your Business

Professional cleaning requires a lot of hard work, skills and expertise. It is a team of dedicated professionals who skillfully do a tough job of cleaning the floor, windows, powder room, kitchen etc., and make your space breathable, fresh and dust free. This article provides information on factors one must consider while choosing their cleaning staff service for office cleaning.

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1. Check services list offered

When you ask for a price quotation for the cleaning services in your locality, you should also ask for the service list they offer. The basic services they offer are dusting, cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, disinfecting, sanitising etc. A few of them may provide a special carpet cleaning service a few times a year, which usually is not mentioned in their service list.

A good cleaning service company should be flexible enough to tailor its services according to their customer needs. Be sure that the company supports your business changes and expansions with ease. Companies should send their professionals to visit and estimate the amount of work that is to be done. .

2. Go through the reviews

Reading the clients' feedback will help you decide which service provider will suit you the most. It is the most effective and reliable method to find the best service available locally. Nowadays, all businesses, including commercial cleaning service providers have a portal where they display their services. So, before hiring professional cleaners, you must check what customers have to say about their services. Make sure to check:

  • Reviews on Yelp
  • Reviews and feedback on Facebook, LinkedIn and try to match up with other reviews you have read earlier
  • Company's profile, the services offered, and its position in "Google My business."

3. Check references from the client

A good company will always refer you to their clients, to know their real experience with them. You can always contact them and ask how they felt after using the cleaning services. A few question that you may ask are:

  • If the team were professional and efficient in their work?
  • Were they punctual enough or did you face any other issues?
  • Would you like to use their service again? Or recommend them to family or friends?

4. Read the contract thoroughly

Companies use different tricks to hook you to their services or they may engage your money for a lock-in period. You must stay vigilant for any of such clauses in a contract. Go for trials first before signing any long term contracts. Instead try getting into monthly contracts. Besides, you should also have the option of discontinuing their services if you are not satisfied..

5. Be sure about the liability Insurance

Every office houses expensive assets like computers, scanners and other items.. Be wise protect them and cover the risks of damage with insurance. So that if anything is damaged accidentally, you don't end up paying exorbitant bills.

6. Know the hiring process

The agency should keep everything transparent, like workforce recruitment, their training, who is training them, and their past clients. You should scrutinise all this information before hiring them because you will be allowing a team of people to enter your premises. You must be confident that they are professional and not scams.

7. Ensure compliance and meet quality standards

Make sure that the agency adheres to all rules and regulations and does its job properly. You should also ensure that the chemicals or disinfectants they are using are non-hazardous and safe for common use. You can also check Material Safety Data Sheets for each chemical. This will help you to know if the compounds are:
Flammable or not
Hazardous or non-hazardous
Correct way of storing and using them

You can always enquire the company for their MSDS list to review the solutions used.

8. Look for service providers located nearby

The cleaning company you will hire must ideally be located around your office for quick and easy operation.This ensures that they face the least amount of trouble while transporting things. If you face issues with the vendor, you can easily complain or speak with the local head.

Summing up

Commercial cleaning services are very crucial for successfully operating any day-to-day business activities. A clean and hygienic workspace creates a good impression on the clients and ensures that employees stay motivated. Are you looking for professional cleaning services for your office? Get in touch with Fast Help, the best office cleaning services in Chennai. Call us now!

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