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8 Common Home-repair Jobs Necessary for Long-term Home Maintenance

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September 24, 2022
FastHelp Team

A dream job, a great car, a nice home: most people want to turn these dreams into reality before they reach a certain age. The desire for a dream job and car can fade, but the dream of owning a nice home only seems to grow over the years. Building, owning, and furnishing a home is just the beginning. Once you move in, ongoing repairs seem endless. Maintenance measures may keep the major repairs at bay, but they are never a permanent solution.

Let’s look at the most common types of home repairs you should prepare for so that you can stay on top of it.

Most Common Structural Home Repairs

This list of home repairs is a great place to start and a framework you can add to for your own home-repair situation.

Basic structural repairs

Structural-repair needs are often overlooked because small cracks and missing grout do not seem to need immediate attention. But attending to signs of damage in the house's walls, flooring, or other major structural points is better done sooner than later. Periodically look for cracks in the interior and exterior walls, joints in the roof, pillars, ceiling, floor tiles, etc. Also, check floor and wall tiles for signs of grout wearing off. It can, in fact, lead to moisture damage in the home when moisture seeps into these cracks. Don’t hesitate to call for expert help for any of these repairs. Get access to the right help for all repair services with Fast Help Home Services. Our professionals can handle any home-repair job anywhere in Chennai!

Windows and doors repairs

Windows and doors can quickly wind down to a state of disrepair if they are not regularly checked. Here are four checkpoints that will help you keep your doors and windows in good condition:

  • Ensure the main door is in good condition, without creaks or rusty hinges. Also, look for cracks caused by expansion or contraction and check that the handles and locks are in good condition.
  • Check and maintain the latches on glass windows in good condition.
  • Sliding windows and doors need regular maintenance to function optimally. They must be cleaned and checked for parts that are out of place, rusty, or need other forms of repair or replacement.
  • Examine window-wall joints for damp patches.

These four checkpoints can appear insignificant but can significantly lengthen the life and functioning of your windows and doors.

Paint jobs

Paint is not just an element of beauty in your house. We spend many hours deliberating over which color will look best and make the house ‘pop’, but the main purpose of the paint layer is protection. Good quality paint will create a layer of defence for the structure against rot and damage from moisture, intense heat, and other elements. Experts recommend a re-application at least once a year to keep your home in good condition. Many people now undertake the smaller paint jobs themselves and leave the major painting to the experts. Painting is best done in the summers or in the time when rains or moisture don’t have a chance to ruin the paint job.


Mould is a common problem that affects homes in damp climates or those exposed to excessive moisture in other ways. They may start in a small area, but they will spread quickly if allowed to persist and even affect the structural integrity of your home over the long run. Mould can be cause for great concern if anyone is allergic to it. The best recourse is to get rid of the mould promptly.

Most Common System Repairs for Homes

Sewage system repairs

Most homes are connected to a public sewer system through a private sewer line. The governing body in your local area maintains the main sewer system, but your private line is your own responsibility. Maintaining the sewer line will require constant checks for cracks or leaks. While repairs may not be expensive, the repulsive experience of cleaning up a sewage system leak will be expensive and best avoided.

Plumbing line repairs

The plumbing system can be a nightmare to maintain. But, constant checks and alert minds will spot leaky pipes or wet patches that indicate leaky pipes around the house. A blocked plumbing or drainage system can wreak havoc in a home. The biggest challenge is that symptoms of problems are very subtle and may remain unnoticed until a major problem develops.

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The best way to handle plumbing system maintenance is to connect with an expert. The house owner usually can handle small jobs like repairing a broken pipe or fixing a blocked sink. But, long-term maintenance or repair work that requires accessing pipes in detail must be left to the experts.

Electrical repairs

Electrical wiring is another point to add to your regular maintenance list. Faulty wiring can lead to dangerous situations and must be avoided.

Look for these signs of damage and get them rectified as soon as possible:

  • Flickering bulbs or lights
  • Frequent breaker cuts that may indicate a different problem
  • Unexplained experiences of electrical shocks when you use them.

Left unrepaired, these could cause power outages, dangerous accidents like fire, and even threat to property or life. Regular checks and timely maintenance will benefit the smooth running and safety of your home, appliances, and lives.

Repairs for HVAC systems

The HVAC system, or the system that heats, ventilates and cools (Air conditioner) your home needs to be in top working condition to allow you to control temperature and ventilation levels inside the home. Without a proper maintenance schedule, this system may break down over time. HVAC systems can be expensive to repair or replace. So look for unusual noises or below-standard temperature-control performance in your system. Give the system regular maintenance check every six to eight months and look for loose wiring, rusty or broken parts, and systems that need to be drained, cleaned out, or replaced.

The best way to stay on top of the maintenance requirements around the home is to have a home-maintenance checklist that you go through at a set interval, like monthly, weekly, or annually. This will take the pressure off by keeping things in good order. In the last section, we have put together a sample maintenance checklist you can adopt and customise for your home.

General Maintenance Check-list For All Homes

Home maintenance is not a one-off task - it should be a regular undertaking if you want to keep things in good working condition and the home in good order. To tackle the maintenance of your home, here’s a checklist that accounts for all the different aspects and parts of your home. You could do seasonal maintenance, time-based maintenance, or any other system that works for you.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Tubs, sinks and drains check for damage, debris or clogs.
  • Bathroom fittings check with cleansing: taps, shower heads, faucet aerators
  • Unused bathrooms check: flush toilets and taps in unused bathrooms
  • Rangehood filter check
  • Fire extinguisher check to ensure they are in working condition.

Biannual Maintenance

  • Deep cleaning of the house.
  • Garden maintenance including removal of weeds, dead plants and debris, and other miscellaneous maintenance tasks.

Yearly Maintenance

  • Clearance of drainage and gutter.
  • Inspection of home exterior for peeling paint and siding damage.
  • Set up the air-conditioning system for summer.
  • Maintainance or replacement window screens.
  • Schedule an expert maintenance check on sewage and plumbing systems to look for leaks/blocks/other damage.
  • Check tree growth near electrical lines.
  • Roof checks for leakage repair and other issues.


Your dream home should not turn into a maintenance nightmare. Anything valuable needs to be maintained in an optimum state, and a home is no exception. Give your house the care it needs, and you will set it up to give you a long and comfortable home-life experience. For all repair services and maintenance of your house, get in touch with Fast Help, Chennai the expert service provider that caters to all your needs.

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