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All You Need to Know About Home Painting

Exterior view of a new house, that is being renovated with paiting works.
September 18, 2022
FastHelp Team

Yes, your house has been truly awesome over the years. It has given you memories, comfort and joys. Would the memories you want to create become more joyous if the colours around you changed? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, you must consider getting your house painted with one of the best painting contractors in Chennai, such as Fast Help, by your side.

When you come to think of it, thoughtfulness and smart planning are two of the most critical aspects of painting your home. Practical considerations such as choosing the best colours, the right contractor, and the highest-quality paints, among other factors, also tend to matter quite a lot. In this article, we will cover almost all the things you need to know when you are thinking about a new paint job for your home.

10 Reasons to Get Your Home Painted

Are you thinking about getting your home repainted but aren’t able to get sufficient motivation? Are you unsure about the pros and cons of the investment? Well, here are ten reasons that will definitely make your decision-making process easier- or at least more logical.

  1. Appreciation in property value - If you plan to sell your house in the near future, getting it repainted with modern & fashionable hues always makes sense because of the immediate increase in its resale value. Even if you aren’t going to sell, appreciation in value will have other practical benefits.
  2. Enhanced attractiveness - Well, a freshly painted house is always easy on the eyes- for sure. Yes, the degree or extent of visual appeal and beauty will obviously depend on the colours you choose, their quality and the skills of the painters. But your house will surely become prettier- unless the painting contractor botches it up! So, make sure you choose the right people for the job.
  3. Modernised look - This is highly relevant in case your property is more than 10-15 years. Practically speaking, even the most classic homes need to be updated to ensure habitability. So, opting for colours and painting designs in line with current trends will help you achieve this.
  4. Conceal exterior flaws - The exterior portions of our homes tend to get slightly damaged with time. Rain, heat, cold and hailstorms, among other natural factors, leave their mark. However, a smartly done painting job will cover all the dents giving them a fresh appearance.
  5. Protection from moisture - The exterior paints on any home are highly useful when it comes to preventing the entry of moisture. New enamel on the exterior will ensure minimised entry of moisture which might otherwise end up weakening and damaging the exterior walls.
  6. Better air quality - Who could have guessed that one of the advantages of repainting your house is that it improves your well-being? Repainting your internal walls might help eliminate bad smells and pollutants. Choosing premium paints that contain minimal chemicals improves not only the interior but also fosters optimal internal air quality.
  7. Economical renovation - Perception and colouring influence how we sense spaces in our homes. So, if you're looking to give your property a facelift, hardly anything beats a fresh coat of paint. A new paint job will revitalise and add a touch of freshness to your home's façade.
  8. Cover up stains - It is a pretty obvious benefit of getting your home repainted. The interior walls tend to get stained and dirty with time, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. A fresh splash of paints will give your home the look and feel of a clean environment.
  9. Minimised dirt & dust - A fresh paint job is also an excellent way to substantially reduce the dust & dirt build-up on the walls of your precious home. The fresh layer isn't adhesive to dirt, nor does it create dust around the house from regular peels, even in minor quantities.
  10. Enhanced energy - Improved appearance of your home walls tends to contribute to higher mental energy levels in all the residents of the house. People tend to be at peace and in a happy state when they live in an aesthetically appealing environment.

The Right Weather for Home Repaints

When you are considering a new paint job, it is best to get it done at the right time. The outside weather and temperature play a crucial part in the quality and impact of the entire repainting. Ideally, you should initiate the repainting job when the outside temperatures are moderate. Also, the lack of humidity and moisture in the atmosphere is helpful in ensuring optimum quality of repainting.

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In case of high temperatures, the probability of blisters occurring on the walls increases by a substantial margin. On the other hand, in case of excessively low temperatures, the paint will not dry within a reasonable time. So, moderate temperatures in the early parts of summer will be ideal.

Spring can also be a good time to get your home repainted if your part of the world doesn't experience rainfall during this time. Excessive moisture or humidity in the air increases the time taken by paint to get dry, which again reduces the overall lustre and quality of the paint.

The Ideal Colours for Your Home

Well, selecting colours for your home paint job can be tough because you have a plethora of options. The factors to consider vary depending on whether you are going for exteriors or interiors. First, let us take a look at the vital parameters for choosing exterior paints:

  1. The colour should align and sync with the landscaping of your home. In the case of heavy landscaping, it is best to go for lighter colours.
  2. In case the sunlight falls directly on your house for most parts of the morning and afternoon, going for colours that do not reflect much will be good. In case the exposure to sunlight is less, you can go for colours that reflect light.
  3. The texture of the exterior walls must be considered when determining the paint colours.

Now, let us see the important factors for choosing an interior paint colour.

  1. Ideally, you should shortlist 2-4 colours that sync with the furniture in various rooms of your home.
  2. The amount of sunlight entering a room also determines the right colours for its interior walls.
  3. The design and purpose of a room also matter to a great extent. If you are looking for a peaceful ambience, then go for lighter colours such as white, green or blue. In case you desire bustling activity, you can go for slightly dark colours like orange or red.

Home Repainting- The Gist of it All

A new paint job for your home should not be considered to be a burden. It should serve as an opportunity to improve the quality of your living and reflect your style. So, opting for the best painting contractors in Chennai, such as Fast Help, will serve you well because of the guidance and feedback they provide, along with high-quality services.

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