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Drain Pain: The Top Objects to Keep Out of Your Pipes

A high-angle view of a sad young woman using a plunger to unclog the kitchen drain at home.
February 15, 2023
FastHelp Team

You prepared dinner and then deposited the leftover scraps in the kitchen sink. You just finished painting a bookcase and used the bathroom sink to clean the paintbrush. Or perhaps you've flushed your kitten litter down the toilet. Clogged drains are an inevitable result of all this.

Clogs are a typical plumbing issue that can be prevented. You may not be able to see the damage being done to your plumbing system, but you can prevent blockages and damage by being careful about flushing down the toilet and shower and taking prompt action if you sense a problem. Spending more time and effort on drainage block removal may require some physical labour on your side, but it could end up saving you time and money in the long run.

The Early Warning Signs When a Drain is Clogged

When a drain becomes clogged, it can cause expensive repairs or possibly an overflow. Due to this, it is prudent to take immediate action and do whatever is required to resolve the issue before it worsens. But what exactly are the red flags you should be watching for?

Unusual Odours

When a clog is formed, one of the first symptoms is a foul odour emerging from the drain. What goes down your drain determines the smell.

Water seeps slowly

When water takes longer to drain from the bathtub, the sink, or the toilet, that's another warning indication that something is wrong.

Abnormal Noises

If clogs form, water flow is restricted and air pressure is changed. Water gradually begins to move around the blockage, and this can cause some peculiar noises like prolonged gurgle or a sluggish trickle.

Unfortunately, as your pipes develop this issue, the problem has probably been getting worse for months, if not years. Unknowingly, you have probably been forcing all sorts of junk that has no business being in your pipes. All of that debris will accumulate and cause a blockage in the system.

The Junks That Should Not be Dumped Into Drain

The following is a list of items that should never be thrown down a drain or flushed down a toilet and should be kept away from the plumbing in your home:

Lubricants like oil and grease

When they are at room temperature, grease and oil have a tendency to be slippery, but once they cool down, they solidify very quickly. Grease and oil are sticky and will stick to the inside of your pipes as they make their way down the drain. Pipes can become clogged due to the accumulation of grease and oil. If you want to avoid having your wasted cooking oil go down the drain, store it in a container that can be thrown away.

Dry and wet wipes

Although wet wipes can be promoted as flushable, they do not biodegrade in the same way that toilet paper does. They're designed to remain afloat even when submerged. This means they pose a threat of clogging and blocking your plumbing system. To prevent this from happening, you should dispose of the used wipes in the bin rather than flushing them.

Makeup remover pads, cotton swabs, and Q-tips

Unlike toilet paper, cotton doesn't disintegrate in water but rather soaks it up. They can cause a blockage when they make their way down your drain and become caught in the bends of your home's plumbing. Makeup removal materials such as cotton swabs, q-tips, and pads should be thrown away in the trash rather than down the sink or shower drain.

Flushable cat litter

Yes, "flushable" as it appears in its name , but, alas, that does not accurately describe this item. Cat litter, even "flushable" varieties, can cause major issues for sewage treatment plants. In addition, bacteria from your cat's waste might be transferred to the cat litter. Due to its resistance to the chemicals commonly used to disinfect water, this bacteria has the potential to enter the water supply, posing a hazard to a wide variety of organisms, including sea otters.

Building and crafting materials

You shouldn't put anything down your drain that will harden or stick when it dries. There are several materials that should never be poured down the toilet, such as mortar, grease, glue, and other similar materials used in home improvement and craft projects. Blockages and clogs are a possible result of them. In addition, several of these substances are poisonous. They pose a health risk if they seep into water supplies. Time and money spent cleaning up the mess will exceed the cost of properly discarding the waste.

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Remember not to flush your condoms. Rubber is the material typically used for condoms. You can't compost rubber. Neither oil nor water can dissolve it. No one likes to deal with the hassle of it being trapped in their pipes or, worse, finding it floating about someplace in their water supply.

Feminine sanitary products

This should be as commonplace as the use of condoms, yet there is, alas, ongoing discussion about its acceptability. Although some consumers and manufacturers insist that dumping tampons is more hygienic, plumbers and everyone else who has ever had to unclog a toilet due to a tampon have strong opinions to the contrary. As feminine hygiene products do not dissolve in water, they may become trapped in tight spaces. All feminine hygiene items, regardless of brand, should be securely wrapped before being thrown away.

Rely on Professional Drainage Block Removal Experts in Chennai

Even if you try your best, you have to deal with a clogged sink or toilet some time in your life. However, we understand that not every clog can be cleared with a simple plunge. When things get serious, you may need a plumber that will manage your drainage. You just need to call a reliable friend immediately. Somebody who can get to you fast and who knows how to fix your problems effectively.

Having a clogged drain? Worry no more! Fast Help's drainage block removal services in Chennai is here to help. We offer fast and reliable services to clear out all your drainage issues. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 and use the latest equipment and techniques to get your drains running smoothly and efficiently in no time. Contact us now and get your drains cleared in no time.

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