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Deep Cleaning- Crucial Information & Advantages

A cleaning professional is cleaning a table with a cloth, applying sanitizer for the better prevention from infection.
September 10, 2022
FastHelp Team

What is Deep Cleaning and What are its Advantages?

Deep cleaning focuses on high-touch and difficult-to-clean objects & areas in any office. Cleaning tables & workstations, putting waste away, cleaning window frames, toilets, kitchens, and canteens are all part of the job. The workplace surroundings are initially cleaned to eliminate noticeable dust and dirt during a deep cleaning procedure. This is continued by a disinfection process to eradicate any pathogens or bacteria from the workplace surfaces. A clean workplace is essential for staff efficiency and satisfaction not only. As a result, offices must be cleaned thoroughly for them to operate properly.

Aside from the regular cleaning routine, deep cleaning entails cleaning places that are not generally prioritized. Office cleaning service providers in Chennai, such as Fast Help provide top-notch deep cleaning solutions.
Deep cleaning your office on a regular basis is essential for keeping a sanitary and comfortable working atmosphere. Because most employees spend over half of their day at the workplace, workstations tend to become considerably unclean. As a result, deep cleaning helps reduce the spread of diseases and germs while also keeping dust and dirt at bay. So, it is evident that deep cleaning plays a critical role in the overall mental and physical health of people working in any office.

What distinguishes deep cleaning from ordinary cleaning?

A comprehensive cleaning method is used for deep cleaning. Under normal circumstances, an office cleaner is expected to maintain a reasonably neat and clean environment by following a standard cleaning programme that includes hoovering, sweeping, and light wiping. A thorough cleaning will include cleaning and sanitizing all cracks and crevices, surfaces, and crannies of your office. Deep cleaning is required to enhance the cleanliness of the office.

How frequently should deep cleaning be performed?

Deep cleaning should be performed at least once a year. However, larger businesses may find that once every six months is preferable. The regularity of deep cleaning is determined by the number of workers in an organization and the size of the facility. Deep cleaning programmes can be implemented regularly or semi-annually, depending on how rapidly an office becomes unclean. Around the holiday period, a thorough cleaning could be performed.

Items to have on hand when deep cleaning your workplace:

Below is a list of items to have on hand when undertaking deep cleaning at your workplace:

  • Empty Containers/boxes
  • Cans of garbage
  • Electric dusters
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Isopropyl acetate
  • Brushes with a soft bristle
  • Dishwashing detergent

Deep Cleaning Techniques for Your Workplace

Deep Cleaning is not as complicated as some people might think. Usage of the right equipment, first-rate professionals and effective techniques are the factors to concentrate on. A comprehensive step-by-step plan that prioritizes each area is required for deep cleaning a workplace. It must also be noted that there will slight variations in the ideal strategy for different workplaces. So, it will be ideal to get the opinion of your service provider with regards to the best technique and ploys for cleaning of your office.

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They will take into account factors such as total area of the space, percentage area covered by furniture, and number of employees among other things. Once the strategy has been determined, a timeline can be used to make sure that the cleaning group works on all of the important areas. Here are a few pointers for deep cleaning your workspace:

  1. Remove all items for the clean - It's preferable to start afresh for a deep clean. Remove everything from the workstations, drawers, and storage. Remove all furnishings from the room and put them farther away from the walls so you can clean them.
  2. Maintain a cleaning regimen - A deep cleaning isn't enough to keep your office clean and sanitary. A deep clean may bring a filthy office back to life, but after it’s cleaned, it's critical to maintain it that way. Encourage your employees to take on some cleaning responsibility.
  3. Clean your personal computers thoroughly - Among the dirtiest locations in a workplace is the keyboard. Because they are frequently touched, pathogens can readily accumulate. Follow the maker's suggestions for cleaning your keypad and other computer accessories. To wipe the keyboard, use a disinfectant wipe or a microfiber cloth lightly wet with isopropyl. Cleaning computer screens and mouse are also essential.
  4. Clean-up of the workplace furniture - Because office furniture assists your employees at work, it must be cleaned regularly. Nevertheless, for complete cleansing, the furniture must be shifted before the deep cleaning. Tidy office furniture boost standards of hygiene in your workplace.
  5. Concentrate on the frequently touched areas - When cleaning the workplace, you should try and clean the kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly, wash the floors and cleanse the workstations. A thorough cleaning should address all of these places to kill any bacteria. Ensure to sanitize doorknobs and latches.
  6. Control office waste - Offices produce a bunch of garbage, from outdated documents to snack packets that individuals have eaten at their workstations. Managing garbage efficiently aids in keeping the office clean and sanitary. Place trash bins throughout the workplace so that individuals can simply put the rubbish in when on their way.
  7. Clean-up of doors, walls & windows - During a deep cleaning, the floors and ceilings are thoroughly scrubbed, and any cobwebs or filth are eliminated. Although both window frames and doors are generally cleaned during routine cleaning, the joints and crevices are frequently overlooked. As a result, they must be scrubbed with the proper tools to eliminate all collected dust during the deep cleaning.
  8. To scrub restrooms and flooring - In most business settings, restrooms are the major source of illness. To eradicate all bacteria, restrooms must be disinfected. Despite the fact that floors are cleaned and washed to remove obvious filth, dirt accumulates within the grouting of two tiles and gets tough to wipe. As a result, extensive cleaning is required to clean the flooring.


Deep cleaning of workplaces is vital to stave off any diseases and maintain a pleasant working atmosphere. Clean and sanitised workplaces promote maximum productivity as a direct result of health and well-being. Employees spend a major part of their day working in their office. So, the overall atmosphere in the workplace has a substantial impact on their health as well as well-being.

Traditionally, workspaces have been deep cleaned by specialist cleaning organisations, however it is possible to deep clean the office with your own team. Reputed office cleaning services in Chennai like Fast Help handles challenging cleaning jobs, leaving your office beautifully clean. It will lead to improved air quality and healthy employees. A tidy workplace is a place for successful professionals and brilliant businesses. The best approach to keep your office clean and efficient is to perform deep cleaning.

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