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A Detailed Guide to Cleaning Your Sofa at Home

Close up shot of a person's hands cleaning the sofa with a liquid spray.
November 25, 2022
FastHelp Team

Introduction: Sofa and its maintenance

Sofas look fantastic and tend to be extremely comfortable. Your sofa holds several memories, from having brought everybody together to enjoy a pot of coffee to becoming a place of rest. However, when it comes to maintenance, it can get quite difficult.

Sofas are among the most commonly used furniture items in any home. It is also the first item that anyone will notice when they visit you. Because a house is a representation of its inhabitants, an unsuitable and badly kept couch can have a detrimental effect on people's perception of you. As a result, knowing how and when to clean the sofa is a must.

Considering the use and aesthetic worth, people frequently invest in pricey couches and sofas. But over time, every sofa experiences some wear and tear. The quality and appearance of the sofa might be harmed by dust, food spills, body oils, animal fur, and some other stains. Additionally, spills are unavoidable, so learning how to cleanse a sofa will be necessary unless you intend to cover your sofa with those plastic coverings.

Why should you clean your sofa?

Cleaning sofas are necessary to help them retain their original appearance and colour for a longer period of time. Here are top reasons why you need to invest yor time in keeping your sofa spotless:

  • Removes ageing stains- Over time, dirt, bacteria, grime, and other contaminants build up on sofas! So it's time to get rid of them.
  • Eliminates odour- With dirty sofas, the room will be filled with an unpleasant stench, usually mild. So it's crucial to understand how to disinfect sofa sets and restore pleasant smell back.
  • Extends the life of the sofa - Cleaning sofas at home extends the life of the furniture and maintains their quality and colour.

But before you begin cleaning your sofa, take a look.

Every sofa is unique. Cleaning procedures also differ depending on the it's form, fabric, and cut.

You can learn what cleaners or solvents you could use by checking the furniture care codes. Therefore, you must examine the sofa fabric and understand the codes that the manufacturer has provided. You can use these tags to determine the best method for cleaning a couch.

  • - ‘W’ On the manufacturer's tag implies that it is safe to use water-based detergents to clean your sofa at home.
  • S/W - Implies that in order to clean sofas and loveseats, you should use solvents and liquid cleansers.
  • S - Specifies that you should only use cleaning agents with solvent bases.

Useful tips can help restore your couch as a worthy piece of furniture.

How to Remove Stains from a Fabric Sofa?

When choosing the correct cleaning method for a fabric sofa, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • When you spill anything on the sofa or as soon as something causes it to stain, begin the cleaning. Waiting too long to remove the stain, even a few minutes, might lead the stain to set and become more difficult to remove.
  • Check the manufacturer's care instructions, which are typically found on the sofa's label, before applying any washing detergents or solutions.
  • Use a large brush with all-natural bristles to gently wipe the sofa clean from top to bottom. Dirt and pollutants will move to the surface as a result. On a white sofa, you can also use a cotton cloth or a towel, but stay away from using coloured materials.
  • Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to get rid of crumbs and other loose debris before you scrub and clean your fabric sofa. When it's time to clean, this would make it simpler to spot problematic areas and concentrate on them.
  • If the code mentions S/W, clean with baking soda. Baking soda sprinkled liberally over the couch will aid in removing odours as well as loosen stains. Your sofa will benefit from a little coating of baking soda. Then use a brush attachment to vacuum it. A spot test on a section of the couch is also a good idea.
  • To remove any remaining moisture, dry towels should be used to pat down the wet spots.
  • Allow the upholstery to dry naturally overnight, enjoy a clean sofa the next morning!

How to Steam Clean a Fabric Sofa at Home?

Read the instructions in the manual to make sure your furniture steamer or fabric couch cleaner is suitable for a fabric sofa. It's necessary because your couch may be heat-safe but not water-safe. Read the steam cleaner's usage handbook as well.

  • It is much simpler to clean your sofa—or anything else, for that matter—if you vacuum it first. The absence of dirt, dust, and other loose debris will provide your steam cleaner with a clear working surface.
  • To ensure air flow and prevent moisture accumulation, leave the windows open and switch on the fan.
  • Don't sit on the sofa while it is still damp. To help the sofa dry out, keep the windows open. Be advised that the sofa might need to be left overnight to completely dry.
  • After it has dried completely, vacuum once more to remove any remaining dirt particles.

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How to Care for a Leather Couch at Home?

A room can look better right away with a leather sofa that has been kept up and is tidy. It is the epitome of comfort and luxury. Leather is a classic material that never goes out of style. However, leather couches eventually get dirty, worn out, and even scratched. By taking the right precautions and care for your sofa, you could increase its life.

  • The most fundamental approach to care for your leather sofa is to keep it out of direct sunshine and heat. The same can lead to cracking and discoloration, which have a significant negative impact on its longevity.
  • Always vacuum your sofa with a delicate brush before cleaning it with liquids. This will allow even the smallest particles of dirt and dust from getting trapped in nooks and fissures.
  • Put a muslin or cotton cloth in a solution (by blending equal parts water and white vinegar). After lightly wiping the sofa's surface clean, carefully rub it down to remove any dirt and use a dry towel to absorb moisture. Wiping it again with a muslin cloth will yield better outcomes.
  • You can remove a variety of stains from your sofas by mixing water and rubbing alcohol. This mixture also works to remove tough stains like ink and mould. Always check the alcohol content because too much can cause discolouration.
  • Start with dusting. If you put olive oil, it will stick to the sofa and not go. Before using an olive oil-dipped soft cloth to clean the sofa, spray a few drops of vinegar on the surface of the couch. Warm water with hand soap or dishwashing solution is always an option.

How Should I Care for My Sofa?

Your couch says a lot about how well you maintain and care for things. Cleaning the soft fabric on a regular basis can keep odours and grime at bay. You can binge-watch your favourite shows, now that you know how to maintain your sofa. For all your sofa cleaning services in Chennai and related queries, contact FastHelp. Make an appointment right away!!

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