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6 Sureshot Ways For A Spotless Home In The Festive Season!

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December 20, 2022
FastHelp Team

With the upcoming festive season, people's lives are all set to get a new zing. Starting with Christmas, followed by the new year and culminating with Pongal, the next 30-45 days will be fun and exciting. Spending time with your family and friends, partying, hosting and just celebrating festivals is always joyful. To make things even more comfortable for you, you can hire leading home cleaning services in Chennai, like Fast Help. They will ensure you have a clean and shiny home without any hassles to you whatsoever.

Even if you hire a professional home cleaning service, you will still have to handle some basic home cleaning tasks before they take over. These include arranging the magazines back in the rack, remove clothes lying around and so on. Alternately, you can read about our tips and tricks, which will help you keep your home clean with minimal effort. After all, the ultimate responsibility of keeping a clean home rests with you, doesn't it?

Top Hacks for a Spotless Home During Festivals

Here are the top 6 hacks for a clean and tidy home this festival season.

Get Started With Dusting

Ideally, you should keep all the things in the house where they belong. If that is not the case, then move them to the appropriate place. Once this is done, you can go ahead and dust them off. Removal of dust from fans, furniture, shelves and picture frames will be extremely helpful in getting a completely clean home. You can follow it up by dusting the windows, doors and ceilings. If you have a vacuum cleaner, youcan use them to clean the carpets properly. You can also use lint-rollers if you have pets at home to catch stary hair before you vacuum.

Continue With Mopping & Sweeping

The next item on the to-do list is to sweep and mop the surfaces. Begin at the hideaways and furthest corners and work your way to the doors. Remove sofas, chairs, tables and all other sizable pieces of furniture so that you can mop and clean every cranny of the house. Clean all the glass surfaces with a thorough scrubbing agent to ensure that it is fresh and prepared for festive decorations. Remember to clean the broom and mops every 4-5 sweeps.

Follow With Washing Linens and Carpets

After dusting, remember to rinse the sheets and towels and sanitise the carpets. You have the option of using a shampoo or even a specialised cleaning agent or getting in touch with carpet cleaners to get the job done. You should properly clean all the places where dust particles have accumulated and eliminate any stains that have formed. If the guests are all set to arrive, then you can't show or offer them unclean linen, can you? A little effort will go a long way in making a lasting impression.

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Clean the Guest Rooms

If you are planning to host a few guests during the festive season, it is best to be prepared. Ideally, you should clean the rooms where guests will be staying. If the weather is chilly, ensure that you have additional blankets or quilts kept for all the guests. Also, it is your responsibility to ensure the comfort of your guests. Cleaning the cupboards, doors and windows in the guest rooms is also critical at this point. So, see to it that there is sufficient space in the closet and wardrobes for them to keep their luggage and clothes.

Declutter the Kitchen

Without a shred of doubt, the festive season mandates a fair amount of cleaning. If you are planning to host guests, then you will be cooking even more. So, your kitchen will undoubtedly require cleaning, right from the shelf surfaces, to utensils like the mixer, cooktops and oven. All the plates, dishes and cutlery will also have to be thoroughly cleaned. It is best to get rid of the old food items and replace them with new ones. Organising the refrigerator is also crucial to make room for all the new stuff that will come in.

Wrap Up With the Bathroom

Finally, restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned. Bathroom cleanup is among the tough household tasks that many people put off until the end of the holiday season. But, this is not the best idea because the usage of bathrooms increases upon the arrival of guests. Use a cleaner and allow it to sit for a while after spraying it on tubs, toilets and sinks. Then, using a spray bottle, clean away the soluble stains. Wipe down the slabs and the glasses properly. You should also remove the splashes of toothpaste, soap and other such stains from all the portions of the washroom.

The Takeaway

The holiday season is full of fun and frolic. It is a time to enjoy and recharge for the challenges ahead. However, you will not be able to have fun if you are not living in a clean space. So, making a little effort towards the upkeep of your home will ultimately help you in many ways.

The tips, hacks and methods listed above will surely help you in home upkeep and cleaning. It will allow you all the peace of mind that you need to stay joyful throughout the holiday and festive season. An unclean and unorganised space can often ruin the fun and joy brought by festivals.

So, don't get yourself into such a situation. Additionally, it is always great idea to hire top-notch home cleaning services in Chennai, like Fast Help. So, what are you waiting for? Give Fast Help a call and say goodbye to all your home cleaning worries!

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