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A Step-by-Step Guide For Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

A woman is cleaning the kitchen with a mop, having chemical disinfect products kept in the trolley.
October 15, 2022
FastHelp Team

The kitchen is the most important place in the house, from where health, strength, and nourishment comes in. Being the centre of the house, it must be very hygienic and clean. A perfectly clean kitchen gives healthy vibes to your house. That is why it is believed a clean and tidy kitchen is a step towards good health. On the other hand, an unclean kitchen can cause discomfort in cooking and push you and your family towards a poor lifestyle.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Every member of the family visits it multiple times a day. It not only attracts your family members in the hunt for something to munch on but also attracts different insects, bacteria, and microorganisms. Hence, if you avoid deep cleaning your kitchen, these insects will rapidly grow their population and will make your dear ones sick someday. Here are some tips to deep clean your kitchen and make it shine again!

Points to Note before Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

Before you start cleaning your kitchen, you should remember the dos and don'ts of deep cleaning. This is to ensure that cleaning is effective and the cleaning experience remains pleasant.

1. Do not stress yourself in cleaning each item in the kitchen. Remember you are doing an overall deep cleaning.

2. Using the right tools will make your cleaning job easier and more effective. For instance, you should arrange a razor or handy scraper to scrub the gunk from the gas stove top.

3. Remember to use some of the cleaning hacks to make deep cleaning easier. However, you must also keep in mind not to spoil things in the kitchen while using these hacks. For e.g., white vinegar works as a good cleanser, but the acid present in it may spoil the table tops made up of granite.

How Can You Deep Clean Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is the place where all your favourite food is prepared. Would you like to see it untidy when you enter to prepare your dish? Obviously, No. This place tends to get dirty frequently because cooking and dishwashing task is done at the same place, but a deep clean will always prove helpful because it will make your kitchen organised, and make it look clean, tidy, and shining, despite the spills while cooking or washing dishes.

We are here to provide you with some brilliant tips to help you conquer the kitchen chaos. Read on.

1. Declutter the counters

Start with one section of the kitchen, and discard things that are not required on the counter.

2. Clear the dishwasher basin and wash the dishes

When you start cleaning your kitchen, clean all the dishes waiting to be washed first, then put the fresh dishes back in their places.

3. Start cleaning from the top

Start cleaning and dusting from the top of the fixtures, like the top of the cabinets, the top of the slabs, or the top of the refrigerator. Cleaning from top to bottom makes sense and will lead to overall cleaning.

4. Move on to the Shelves and Cabinets.

The secret of deep cleaning is starting from the interior before cleaning any surface. So, you must remove all edibles from the cabinets inside and keep them away so that it remains dust-free and disinfectants or cleaning chemicals cannot contaminate them.

  • Wipe it Inside

Use a cotton cloth and a disinfectant with not so strong smell to wipe inside the surface of shelves, cabinets, or drawers. Make use of a microfibre cloth to clean the metallic fittings. Use a footstool or step ladder for the cabinet placed at the top. You must whip off all the debris before spraying chemicals. After cleaning, leave the cabinet doors open for some time to dry because if moisture is left inside, it will lead to the formation of bacteria.

  • Scrub it Outside

After wiping inside, you must scrub the outside surface of shelves, cabinets, or drawers with wood cleaner or cleaning chemicals. Keep a strict eye on the marks and strains on the surface of cabinets. Do not forget to clean the oil spill strains. For some stubborn strains, you must use surface cleaners, or nail-polish removers can also work. Choose the cleaner according to the stains. Take time to scrub the handles, as it usually becomes greasy from regular use.

5. Clean the Equipment

After finishing cleaning drawers, cabinets, and shelves, the next thing you must think about cleaning should be the apparatus you use in the kitchen.

  • Coffee Maker

The rule for cleaning the apparatus remains the same– inside to outside. Wipe the crumbs, and remove other grease by running your coffee maker through a white vinegar cycle.

  • Microwave

The next is microwave; steam it with white vinegar and then wipe it off. Use a dry cloth to remove the strains. White vinegar serves as an all-purpose cleanser, but avoid using it on steel as it would take away the shine. For a deep clean inside the microwave, take a bowl of lemon and water solution and steam it at a high temperature. Once it cools down, wipe off the inside using a thick cloth. This will remove all the grease and bad smell from the microwave.

  • Fridge and Freezer

The appliance used the most is the fridge, so it has to be cleaned up, and it is a good idea to clean it while deep cleaning the kitchen. Firstly defrost the freezer for deep cleaning. Secondly, discard all the expired packed food and empty your fridge. Thirdly Wipe the spills with warm soapy water and then with a dry cloth. Scrub and clear the surface of the fridge with a mild solvent. Your fridge is now ready for use again.

  • Kettle

To clean the kettle, follow the procedure:

  • Add a teaspoon of white vinegar and a few drops of lime in filtered water.
  • Add the solution to the kettle and let it boil.
  • Repeat the process if the inside is too dirty or greasy.This will help you remove all the stains of salt.
  • Scrub the outside of the kettle with dishwashing soap or liquid.
  • Add the remaining lemon slice in water and bring it to a boil.
  • Discard the water before you begin to use the kettle again.

6. Clean other things on the counters

Apart from these basic things, there must be some other things in your kitchen that require your attention. Make sure you clean them as well. It can be greasy trays, a cooking oil rack, or the urn where utensils are placed. etc.

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7. Scrub the stove

Scrub the gas stove, grills, and burners with warm soapy water or an all-purpose cleanser. Wipe it with a dry cloth before use.

8. Clean the counters

Remove everything from the countertop, wipe it with a microfibre cloth and place a fresh sheet of paper on it before placing all the essentials. Do it for all the sections.

9. Clean the floor and the sink

Before winding up, do not forget to wash the sink with bleach or disinfectant. You can choose any other liquid solution. Make a solution of warm water and bleach and leave it on the sink before washing off. After washing the basin, mop the floor with a diluted cleaner and disinfectant. This should be the last step of deep cleaning your kitchen.

Takeaway: Clean kitchen leads to happy homes!

Breaking down deep cleaning into doable parts makes it easy. Wipe and scrub the counters, fridge, cabinets, and drawers to make your kitchen shiny again. Organise the utensils, boxes, and other essentials to make your kitchen accessible. When you do a step-by-step cleaning following the guide, you will definitely reach the desired goal, which is a neat and tidy kitchen, and you will feel how cleaning and organising have made a difference. Are you looking for professional cleaning services for your kitchen? Get in touch with Fast Help, the best office cleaning services in Chennai. Call us now!

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